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Polished Finishes for A Shiny New Year

Jan 2017

Sinkology always strives to offer the best finishes for our nickel and copper sinks. Our products are carefully and thoughtfully designed to be the most functional, easiest-to-care-for, and most beautiful copper sinks on the market. But, we always strive to add variety to our products and we work hard to keep ahead of the most current home design trends.

vanity view of his and hers drop-in copper bathroom sinks

In 2017, polished finishes are already demonstrating that they will lead the pack in kitchen and bathroom design. Polished finishes add a beautiful shine and shimmer to your kitchen or bath, and polished copper adds another layer on top of that: a beautiful warm glow. When polished, copper is highly reflective and, with our hammered surfaces, the sinks have even more opportunities to shine. Think about the facets of a diamond: the more facets, the more twinkle and shine. The same goes for a hammered, polished copper sink. But with copper, the reflections also throw a warm, coppery shine on your walls, countertops and more.

Our Polished Finishes

While the patina will naturally shift throughout the years, there are a variety of different finishes when it comes to copper sinks.

  • Naked – This is copper at its most raw and finest. Naked and natural, this non-finish allows you to choose your level of maintenance: let it age and patina naturally with minimal upkeep, or keep it shiny and polished with Copper Armor to maintain its gleam and luster. Either way, copper sink care is important with this finish. The polished copper of the Naked finish adds a bright glow to any room with it’s warm copper tones, hammered surface, and reflective properties.
  • Nickel – A shiny, silvery finish that brightly reflects light off of its hammered surface. Our polished nickel sinks are a beautiful option for a bathroom or bar sink which complement nearly any design style. Our nickel finish is super easy to maintain, and requires very little maintenance beyond the standard cleaning and care of any other sink.
  • Verde – This copper finish is our most rare and exclusive. This finish was painstakingly mastered by our Sinkologists and artists to bring old world beauty to your home. While the exterior of our Verde finish is not polished, it is always paired with a polished copper interior with our Naked Copper finish.

Sinkology also offers these classic finishes, which are mainstays of home design that incorporates copper elements.

  • Aged – A warm vibrant finish, aged copper is brought to the point of an all-over patina through our exclusive aging process. This finish ensures durability and a more consistent appearance to your copper. It requires less up-keep than a naked finish. Aged copper is our most popular bath sink finish.
  • Antique – A medium to light tone, the antique copper finish is designed to reflect long-term care and use. Antique copper’s finish is hand-applied at our factories for the classic and timeless look. Antique copper is our most popular finish for kitchen and prep sinks.

Featured Polished Copper and Nickel Sinks

Sinkology has been offering several products with polished nickel and polished copper finishes since the beginning. Here are just a few of our many polished copper and polished nickel sink options:

Weston Naked Copper Farmhouse Sink


The Weston farmhouse polished copper kitchen sink is inspired by the natural beauty of raw unfinished copper. The Weston is made with a single sheet of ultra-pure 16-gauge solid copper that is durable and constructed to last a lifetime.

Homer Polished Nickel Bar + Prep Sink

45 degree view of homer drop-in bar and prep nickel sink

The Homer hand-hammered nickel bar sink from Sinkology is designed to be easy to install and make a dramatic impact in any kitchen or bar environment.

Rembrandt Polished Nickel Bar + Prep Sink

45 degree view of rembrandt undermount bar and prep nickel sink

The Rembrandt polished nickel kitchen sink is handcrafted with a luxurious and durable hand-hammered nickel finish. Featuring a flat bottom bowl and standard 3.5″ kitchen sink drain hole, this kitchen sink is the perfect sink for meal preparation.

Kelvin Drop-In Naked Copper Bath Sink

45 degree view of kelvin drop in copper bathroom sink

The Kelvin polished copper sink defines luxury and functionality. This drop-in hammered copper sink features a faucet deck with 4-inch faucet holes and overflow, making DIY installation effortless.

Dalton Polished Nickel Drop-In Bath Sinkdalton drop-in nickel bathroom sink

Similar to the Kelvin, the Dalton is a drop-in bathroom sink that is easy to install, but this one comes in a hand-hammered nickel finish.

Strauss Drop-In Naked Copper Sink

45 degree view of strauss drop-in copper bathroom sink

The Strauss Naked copper sink is artfully hand-crafted from 18-gauge pure, solid copper. The Strauss features our Dual-Flex Rim, allowing for hassle free installation as either an undermount or drop-in.

Bardeen Copper Vessel Bath Sink

Bardeen vessel copper sink with hand applied mosaics on exterior

Featuring hand-applied mosaic glass, the Bardeen copper vessel sink will make a dramatic statement in your home. The Naked polished copper interior is unfinished and will naturally patina with time and use.

Mendel Polished Nickel Vessel Bath Sink

45 degree view of mendel vessel hand hammered nickel bathroom sink

Vessel sinks are a throwback to the days before indoor plumbing when all sinks were basins. The Mendel is a very modern twist on the classic design, with its hand-hammered nickel finish. It is designed to be a focal point of the your room, yet durable enough for everyday use.

Getting the Most out of Your Polished Copper Finish

Here are a few tips if you are planning on designing your room around a polished copper or polished nickel sink.

  • Light Up Your Life – Make sure to position lighting in a way that it really plays off the reflective surfaces of your hammered, polished sink. A centered pendant light, an angled track light, or even a well-position lamp can light up your sink and really bring out the sparkle.
  • Center Your Centerpiece – Make your sink the centerpiece of the room. A copper sink, particularly a farmhouse polished copper sink, is quite striking. Let all your decor elements complement the sink. Use simple and muted tones around your sink area. If you are repainting or adding a backsplash, use lines and design elements to draw the eye towards the polished copper sink.
  • Mix Your Metals – Accents in copper, brass, and nickel really complement your copper or nickel sink and open up your options for hardware, linens, paint, sconces, and more. Be deliberate and subtle about the metals your introduce, and remember to choose a dominate metal. We recommend that the dominate metal match your sink; whether Naked polished copper, polished nickel, antique copper, etc.
  • Polish Your Prize – Keep your copper sink protected with a Copper Armor kit from Sinkology. A Naked Copper finish is the most raw form of copper. Since it’s actually not a finish, the polished copper has no protection from the elements and could patina rapidly. Make sure to regularly clean your copper sink and apply Copper Armor to keep that polished shine. If your sink starts to patina, you can always use a copper cream to strip off the patina and bring back that bright glow.

hobbes hand hammered nickel bathroom sink with design kit

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.