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Renovation Resolution: Easy Bathroom Updates

Jan 2017

It’s a new year, and you’ve probably resolved to make some changes in your life.  Maybe a bathroom renovation is on the list, or maybe you’re just too busy to get to it this year. Maybe you’ve resolved to ease off on the spending and sock away more money this year. If you have too much going on to renovate that bathroom in the near future, but you know it needs some new life, Sinkology is here to help. Full bathroom renovations can be hard, expensive, and can take a long time. But in the meantime, there are some very simple things that you can do to breath some new life into that dated powder room without spending much money at all!

nobel copper vessel bathroom sink with matching faucet

Easy and Quick Bathroom Updates

Update that bathroom quickly and cheaply with these tips:

  • Frame Your Mirror – Simply putting some moulding around your bathroom mirror can quickly make your bathroom feel more elegant. For under $50 and about 4 hours worth of work you can easily DIY this project, here is a step-by-step guide from the Home Depot.
  • Update Your Bathtub – Apply some beadboard or wainscoting to the front of your bathtub to add the elegance of a built-in tub. Here are instructions from HGTV on this simple DIY project.
  • Paint Your Vanity – Use milk paint to update your bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinets. Milk paint can adhere to nearly any surface without the need to sand or prime. Milk paint can also easily be cracked and sealed to achieve a rustic distressed look. Pinterest has a million ideas here. Switch out or repaint your cabinet hardware while you’re at it.
  • Install Interior Shutters – If your bathroom has a window, interior shutters are a great way to add privacy and shade while still allowing the option for light. Find some inspiration for your interior shutters here.
  • Slap on Some Fresh Paint – Paining a small room like a bathroom doesn’t take long at all, especially if you are painting a darker color over a lighter one. Painting is a great way to make your bathroom feel brand new without much effort. You don’t even have to paint the whole bathroom! Consider an accent wall for an even quicker way to refresh your bath. Having trouble choosing which wall to accent? Consider which wall draws your eye first, which wall has a unique architectural feature, or choose the wall opposite of the door. Not crazy about accent walls? Try a two-tone approach around your bathroom. Separate the different paint colors with a thin piece of moulding. Make sure to use tranquil colors to help create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Use Fresh Caulk – If your caulk has brown edges, cracks, or is peeling, a new bead of caulk makes a huge difference in a bathroom. This is a simple DIY project that nearly anyone can do, and it shouldn’t cost you more than $10-20. Be sure to explore colors other than white, and check the caulk around your sink, bathtub, shower, and even toilet.
  • Hang Baskets Instead of Shelves – Looking for a quick and easy way to store your towels and washcloths? Instead of embarking on a job to install a new cabinet, consider hanging some small baskets on the walls. Rolling your washcloths and towels are a great way to add a touch of elegance.
  • Bring the Outside In – Many people want their bathrooms to become their own personal spa retreats. A great way to introduce a little more tranquility to your bathroom escape is to introduce some plants. Aloe plants and ferns tend to thrive in low-light, high-humidity spaces like a bathroom. Surround your bathtub and windowsills with these plants and your bathroom will feel like your own personal grove of relaxation. 
  • Install A New Sink – Installing a bathroom drop-in copper sink or a bathroom vessel copper sink from Sinkology is extremely simple and makes a huge impact in your bathroom. Both of these bathroom sink types come with all the mounting hardware you’ll need; but if you need help, we have a step-by-step install video and guide available here. 

fully installed heisenberg claw foot copper bathtub

Save Money on a DIY Copper Sink

Until January 22nd, 2017, select bathroom copper sinks and copper bathtubs from Sinkology are 10% through Houzz to help you with your renovation resolution. Check out the sinks available through this special offer through our Houzz page here.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.