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Sinkology: The Study of Sinks

Aug 2018

What’s In a Name:

Biology. Astrology. Oncology. And now…Sinkology. Each of these words reflects an entire discipline: an area of study in which we can learn, research, explore, define, and become experts on a single topic. At Sinkology, we’re dedicated to living up to our name. We want to provide every DIYer, weekend warrior, professional installer, and interior designers the information and resources you need to understand sinks. Our articles, social media channels, and website serve content, images, videos, and guides to help you know how to find, select, and buy the right sink for your home.

Sinkology is a brand you can trust. We believe in our products and we back them with the Sinkology Everyday Promise lifetime guarantee. We also know that there are a lot of choices that you face during the buying process. Our goal is to educate you with reliable information about all aspects of kitchen and bathroom sinks, so when it comes time to make a buying decision or to begin your home renovation project, you have the tools and resources you need to make the right decision for you.

Before you buy a sink, you need to know what type of sink is right for your space. From durability to finish to material, there are factors that are critical to selecting the proper sink for your room. There are mounting styles, uses, materials, and colors to consider before you even head to the store or jump online to buy your sink. And, once you do pick out a sink that you will love, it’s important to know how installation works. For each sink, you need to measure, cut counters, inspect pipes, clear space, and know your way around a few important tools. The mechanics of removing and installing sinks are sometimes complicated—and we’ll give you guidance on when you can tackle these challenges on your own, and when it’s time to call in a professional.

When your new sink is in, there are finishing touches like faucets, drains, grids, and accessories that can elevate your entire project (if you find the right ones!). Designing a kitchen or bathroom must involve your sink for your final vision to come to life as you envisioned it. Sinkology offers design and style tips, guides to important accessories, help understanding the differences between drain styles, and much more.

As you get into your everyday life and incorporate your new sink into your home’s daily routine, we’re there for you then, too. We offer recipes, craft ideas, how-tos, and lifestyle articles that can improve your everyday life.

At Sinkology, we believe that every home deserves beautiful sinks, tubs, and home décor products. We also believe that more information is better. Sinkology is the study of sinks. When it’s time for you to learn more about your next sink project, trust the experts at Sinkology.

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