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Spring Fun in your Family Kitchen

May 2020

Parents – how is your self-quarantine going?

Be honest.

Mother working from home with kids during quarantine.

If you’re like many parents across the country, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by having to wear so many hats for so many hours and for so many days. Taking on the title of teacher while still managing your home and professional job can be draining on everyone. You and your family deserve a little fun.   

The signs of spring around can be found all around your house – birds chirping, trees blooming – but these 5 activities will breathe new life into your family’s spring quarantine. Savor this extra time you’ve been given to slow down and enjoy some sweet springtime activities right in the comfort of your kitchen.

young family making gingerbread

Cook and craft

Bring the beloved Gingerbread House tradition to your spring kitchen with a Peep House. Each family member can create the perfect shelter for precious pint-sized Peeps. All it takes is a few graham crackers for walls and roofs with icing to keep it all together. This is the perfect activity to take up a good amount of your surplus of time as each person can get creative with their décor. Gather up as many candy eggs and jellybeans as possible to bring in the best springtime color. Bonus points for shredded coconut dyed green for make-shift grass.

young family cooking in kitchen

Skip the grocery store: work with what you have

For those that are extra diligent about social distancing, another trip to the store for homebound activity supplies seems unnecessary. So, use up what you have in your kitchen. Many families keep a reserve of pancake mix or frozen cinnamon rolls. Put a spring twist on these breakfast favorites by shaping into your kids’ favorite baby animals. We’ve found the easiest shape to master to be the baby bunny. For pancakes, simple shaping of the batter in a few steps is all it takes: make a few elongated pancakes for ears and feet, a medium-sized circle for its head and an extra-large pancake for the body topped with a tiny tail. After you’ve cooked each piece, stack to form the bunny. For cinnamon roll bunnies, you can shape and bake at once. Stick with simpler shapes. Seriously, skip the baby chick and go straight for the egg. You’ll genuinely nail it.

mother and daughter making bread

Follow the trends: bread baking

One of the most highly searched phrase on Google, “baking bread” is now the hottest home kitchen activity. (Something tells us that most of those searchers are probably single twenty-somethings who have nothing else better to do.) But that doesn’t mean your busy self can’t take a springtime twist on this 2020 trend. Bake your bread in a spring-perfect shape. You already know our favorite is the bunny – this recipe will help you make it happen…hopefully with the help of your family. At the very least, they’ll help eat it.

Young father with a toddler boy cooking.

Play a scent-guessing game

Sick of cooking? This game is inspired by the season that is filled with fresh scents. Beautiful flowers are popping up left and right, but not every spring day is ideal for a backyard adventure. Even on the rainiest of days, a scent-guessing game will surely entertain. Have each of your family members gather a few fragrant items from your home and place in individual cups or containers. This can be anything from fruit juice to a minty fresh toothpaste. Just make sure you outline any parameters. For example, if you worked hard to build your garden this past weekend, you probably don’t want your kids digging it all up. Stick with their favorite fragrant foods instead. Once everyone’s gathered their 3…4…however many you want to play with to extend the length of the game…grab a blindfold. One by one, each family member will share their items while the others have to guess the scent.

Cute child boy helps his mother to care for home plants. Mom and her son engaged in gardening near window at home.

Grow indoors with kitchen garden

Urban dwellers with little to no yard and those of us with a brown thumb can only look fondly at the new growth each spring. But, trust us on this one: you and your family can grow plants in your very own home. Sure, there are plenty of techy grow kits available on the market, but you don’t need to wait for a fancy indoor growing device to arrive at your doorstep to try this activity. Use your dinner leftovers, unused packaging, or old toys to show your kids the magic of nature. These seven container projects are a great place to start. As an added bonus, we believe this activity is the perfect “school project.”

We hope these activities inspire some indoor fun in your family’s kitchen. We’d love to see your spring activities in action. Share with us on Instagram @Sinkology with #SpringFamilyFun.


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