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SureFire®: Our Signature Fireclay Material

Oct 2021

Fireclay is a favorite among our customers. But what is it about our SureFire® fireclay material in particular that makes it so desirable for all lifestyles and home styles?

It starts with its natural properties

Fireclay is a trusted material by many sink manufacturers. Aptly named for its clay roots and ability to withstand fire-hot temperatures, it brings the best of handcrafted beauty to endless durability. To create fireclay, we fire each sink at more than 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme temperature locks in the shape of the clay in a heavy-duty final product.

But SureFire sinks don’t stop there. We take this standard process up a notch with our proprietary finish. This sealant adds an extra layer of shine and strength, enhancing both the color and the durability of the sink itself. The combined power of natural fireclay with our sealant is unlike any other, as it transforms a standard sink into a durable basin that can handle the daily demands of any busy kitchen. Not only does the SureFire material give your sink endless durability, we also back every one of our sinks with our Sinkology® Everyday Promise for a lifetime of use.

It’s beloved for its versatile look.

Fireclay is a truly timeless material, as it’s able to adapt to any style, from modern to traditional, transitional to farmhouse. But unlike other mass-produced fireclay sinks, SureFire fireclay sinks are made with an artist’s touch. You’ll know it’s a Sinkology sink just by looking at it. We handcraft our sinks to smooth the surfaces, shape corners, and ensure consistency throughout the designing process to create standout sinks, rather than churn out expected shapes that blend in with the background.

cleaning fireclay kitchen sink

It’s for everyone.

As we’ve shared, fireclay suits all styles and withstands everyday wear and tear. Whether in a busy family kitchen or in a wet bar, we promise it will keep up with every task. And, it won’t take a lot of work to keep it looking great. We’ve taken the extra effort to create the most durable fireclay sinks available. Thanks to the qualities we’ve selected in our SureFire material, our fireclay sinks are easy to care for. We believe in our fireclay sinks’ strength so much that we guarantee they will never stain, chip, scratch, or rust with regular use and simple routine cleaning:

  • Wash your sink with soap and water after every use, but avoid abrasive cleaners and chemicals, steel wool, or metal cleaning pads. If necessary, opt for baking soda or our Non-Scratch Breeze Scrubber
  • For the best results, use our Fireclay CareIQ Kit

Given their incredible strength and standout look, it’s no wonder that our SureFire fireclay sinks are beloved by our customers. But, you’re sure to find a Sinkology fireclay sink within your budget. We pride ourselves on making the highest-quality materials affordable for budgets of every size. Our fireclay sinks are some of the best-priced on the market so everyone can enjoy the benefits fireclay brings.


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If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or crafted stainless steel sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.