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The Angelico: Designing with the Sink in Mind

Nov 2015

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and the sink is the most used spot in your entire kitchen, so you want to choose wisely. Your sink will dictate what color countertops you will need, which will reflect in your cabinet color choice, then your floor choice, then your wall color choice… but the key is to start your design with this central kitchen component and build from there. So you want to choose a sink that can reflect whatever style you’re going for in your space. If you’re looking for a stunning yet simple looking drop-in copper sink for your kitchen remodel, the Angelico is your match.


Coming in the next few weeks, the Angelico (1) can be dressed up for a vibrant kitchen, or dressed down for a more simplistic and modern space. The bright hues from the copper on this sink really radiate, so we decided to go for the more colorful and vibrant design for this room. We added modern elements with the white backsplash, while invoking a hint of mid-century feel with patterns and vibrant colors. With your foundation color being a crisp white, do not be afraid of color! A muted teal, vibrant yellow and vintage green will give your space a welcoming feel with a modern design. Choosing your color from this palette for your cabinets and walls makes for a fun experiment. With the stylish white backsplash, any color you choose will look fantastic and really pop against the blank canvas.

Picking fabrics for your space gets even more fun when playing with lots of color. Mid-century replicas are abundant right now, so finding some that will bring the space together is easy. Bright rugs and linens can really make your space shine. Linen wash clothes are also a great way to bring in some color. Find a variety with different patterns and colors to have on a rotation to keep your space fresh. Adding a natural element like a bright bouquet of flowers can also help brighten up your space and draw in more color. We chose a gray cabinet to make your space still feel modern and also providing a great palette for all your bright colors.

As for hardware, choose a fun copper set. This will draw in the tones from your Angelico sink and will add the additional pops of copper your space will need to feel complete. For an even more vintage feel, add some copper mugs to your collection. These are great for entertaining with classic cocktails like a Moscow Mule. The Angelico has an option for a fourth hole that can be used for a water dispenser or an external sprayer. We chose the oil-rubbed bronze Insinkerator Indulge water dispenser (2) and paired it with a bronze pull-down faucet (3). This faucet has a retractable head to help reach all the corners of the sink while looking sleek in design. For the drain cover, we chose a simple disposal flange (4), but you may prefer a basket strainer if you opt to not have a garbage disposal.

We’ve designed the Angelico for easy, DIY installation. As a drop-in kitchen sink with a shaped edge, replacement of your existing sink is super-simple. For more information about installation, check out our guide.

Check back soon month when the Angelico will be available for purchase from our major retail partners.

Our team will be bringing more styles and design inspirations for more of our unique and handmade sinks. For more ideas on how to style your rooms around your copper sinks, check out our Pinterest page.

If you have any additional questions during your search, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.