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On Trend: Incorporating Texture Into Your Décor

Feb 2017

Sinkology is proud to present Kristan Allen, our design expert and guest blogger who runs the @FarmhouseRedefined Instagram. Kristan is here to share some design ideas and inspiration around designing your home around your copper sink.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you look at a space in your house and think, “It needs something, but I just don’t know what”? As someone who is constantly rearranging and switching things in and out, this happens to me quite a bit. And more often than not, when I finally land on an arrangement that suits me, the “thing” that was missing was texture.

I love mixing textures and that’s a great way to really make an impact in a room, especially if you like to use a lot of neutrals (ummm, me!). Working different textures into the mix can help to draw the eye in and create visual interest, all while staying true to a muted palette.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate texture and many involve tapping Mother Nature, which is another great design inspiration for me. Check out a few favorite textures happening in my house right now…and don’t forget to share your shots with us by tagging @Sinkology and @FarmhouseRedefined on Instagram. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Metallic Texture with a Copper Sink

Copper Sink

My kitchen, much like the rest of my house, is anchored in a neutral color palette. But I knew I wanted an element of surprise in the design, so I used a copper farmhouse sink. The apron front commands attention because of its hammered texture and subtle shine. Any time I have people over, they can’t resist running their fingers over the surface! The farmhouse sink definitely pops against the smoother, neutral surfaces of my kitchen.

Fun with Faux Fur

Fur Pillow

Everything gets a little cozier during the cold winter months…and my décor is no exception! I’ve had so much fun playing around with faux fur this season. It makes it so easy to add a bit of warmth to your existing décor. Throw pillows are always one of my first stops when it comes to seasonal décor – they’re affordable and switching them out can make a big difference in a room. I mixed and matched patterns on this couch in our den and added a furry pillow in the middle to anchor everything and create a stand-out texture…perfect for snuggling up to watch TV!

Weathered Wood for the Win

Weathered Wood Bench

If you’ve followed along with me on Instagram, you know that I’m smitten with the old wooden bench in my foyer. It’s over 100 years old and was salvaged from an Amish school house. I found it for a steal at an antique store and instantly fell in love with all of its dents, dings and weathered wood. Its imperfections make a huge impression on guests walking through our front door. Here, I dressed it up with some fun wintry pillows because who doesn’t love a vintage-modern mix?

Feathers Forever


Feathers are a quick way to jazz up a small space – fan them out on a tray, tuck them into books or arrange them in a vase. I couldn’t pass up the rich, earthy tones of these pheasant feathers. I used a spray of them grouped in a mercury glass vase on my hearth to create an instant showcase against our stone fireplace. And I think I prefer the twine and crystal snowflakes I hung up compared to the real snowflakes falling outside!  

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