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How I Updated My Kitchen with a Sinkology Farmhouse Sink

May 2022

Our friend Emily @le.cultivateur on Instagram, recently installed the Parker double basin fireclay kitchen sink and was kind enough to share with us all how the install went! 

Just a little over five years ago we moved into a brand new house. The house was completely builder grade, with no custom finishes or extras. This might have been seen as a downside for many, but for me it was exciting! I love taking on big and small DIY projects, creating a space that is uniquely mine.

As a mom to four growing boys, you can imagine I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I am always dreaming of projects that I will tackle next to help create a kitchen that I love! Slowly, but surely, I will have the kitchen that I dream of! I have already completed a few projects, replaced my kitchen island, added open shelving, framed out my refrigerator, tiled the backsplash, built a range hood cover, etc. 

white farmhouse kitchen with old before stainless steel sink.

 One project that I have been dying to do since day one of living in this house is replacing the stainless steel sink with a beautiful white farmhouse sink. I love the charming character that farmhouse sinks add to any kitchen! I always thought I would have to replace the countertops to install a farmhouse sink, but then I found Sinkology. One of their drop-in sinks is the perfect solution for someone like me who wants a new sink but isn’t ready to get new countertops.

And to make it even better, it was so easy to install!

sink removed from countertop. Showing empty space for new sink.

Start by disconnecting your plumbing, then lift your old sink out.

empty space for new sink with countertop cut for right fit.

I realize power tools can be intimidating to some people. The only power tool that I used for this project is a saw, and I only used it for one small part. I had to cut the front piece of the countertop and cabinet to make a proper-sized hole for the sink to sit in. If you don’t feel comfortable using power tools, you could use a hand saw.

wide angle view of a white farmhouse kitchen with newly installed fireclay sink.

Place your new sink into the hole, silicone around the edges, reconnect the plumbing and you’ve installed a new sink! If you’re like me and need a more detailed walk-through of disconnecting or reconnecting the plumbing, check YouTube, there are so many great videos and tutorials!

side angle view of newly installed fireclay sink in an all white farmhouse style kitchen.

After years of looking through Pinterest, I have seen a fair number of farmhouse sinks, and something that I have always been drawn to is the custom look of a drip rail.

white fireclay sink sitting on top of a wood drip rail.

Not only does the drip rail add a custom-looking detail, but it also catches any water that drips off the front of the sink, saving your cabinets and flooring from possible water damage.

front view of newly installed fireclay sink sitting on a wooden drip edge.

Sink/faucet details

ELEVATE Collection

  • Parker 34” Double Bowl Quick-Fit Drop-In Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in Crisp White
  • Pfister Wheaton Faucet in Stainless
  • Ashbee bottom grid in Stainless
  • Fireclay Care IQ Kit

   SINKSENSE Accessories

  • 5” Stainless Basket Drain
  • Stainless Disposal Flange

above view looking down at white fireclay double basin kitchen sink.

I am loving my new sink!! I feel like my kitchen has a completely new look by simply changing out the sink.

small child standing on a stool cleaning dishes in a fireclay kitchen sink.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or crafted stainless steel sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterestInstagram, or TikTok for more helpful tips and design ideas.