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Warm Up Your Guest Bathroom With Color

May 2021

Many of us here at Sinkology are starting to warm up to the idea of hosting guests again. There’s something about hosting that makes us feel all warm and cozy inside. The fresh life in your space, the opportunity to express your “acts of service” love language – it’s a wonderful change of pace from the mundane. If you agree with us, keep reading. Today’s post will help you create a bathroom ambiance that is guest-approved and certainly appreciated. 

When you do finally welcome guests back into your home, it’s important to create a designated space that is as warm as your welcome. Sure, there are plenty of ways to add actual physical warmth to a bathroom with lush fabrics, high-end heated floors, and steam showers. But seeing warmth will do just as much – if not more – for your guests. It’s science, really. According to color theory, seeing warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange will actually warm our senses. Shades such as these remind us of the warmest things, like a sunny summer day or relaxing evening by the fire. Warmer colors literally give a room a more intimate feel, rather than an impersonal vibe that cool tones can often create. Instead, they bring in a certain sort of coziness, a comforting ambiance. The trick is to add just enough warmth, without overwhelming the senses.

Bathroom Accessories

If you’re hesitant, test the temperature with just a few accessories.

From luscious, vibrantly colored towels to delicate flowers decorating the countertops, sometimes the tiniest touch can be enough. Soft yellow towels suit all-white bathrooms well while dramatic red pairs perfectly with dark countertops, gray walls, and platinum fixtures. Yellow orchids make a beautiful year-round addition to any bathroom. Brown thumb? Silk flowers are a fantastic – and realistic-looking – alternative.

tiled bathroom in green and white

Take a bigger step with colorful tile-work.

From patterned Moroccan tile floor to deep burgundy shower tiles, warm-toned tile-work adds a purposeful glow to the typical guest bathroom. Your guests will be transported to a tropical paradise, even in the dead of winter. If a full floor replacement or shower update isn’t in the budget, consider replacing your vanity countertop instead.

Wood shelf with bathroom accessories

Warm up with wood.

If you prefer more neutral tones in your home design style, you can still bring in warmth to your guest bathroom through the wood you choose. Look for woods that have a red undertone like cherry, mahogany, and hickory, which will create a cozy feel without crazy color you’ll tire of relatively quickly…or immediately.

Yellow Bathroom

Turn up the heat with wall color.

If you’re ready to make a bold statement that will bring the most heat, it’s time to splash your walls with color. From all-yellow walls to one standout accent wall, this upgrade will wrap your guests with unparalleled warmth.

No matter where you add warmth, always wait to make any purchases until you’ve defined your color palette for the room. As you think through how you’ll welcome your guests, keep your personal taste in mind first and foremost. Yellow may be energizing for some homeowners, but if it drives you crazy, it isn’t the right update for you. Red may be romantic for others, but it could be too intense for you. Remember, you are the one that lives there full-time, even if it is a spare bathroom that isn’t regularly used.


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