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Reducing Copper Discoloration

Preserve the unique look of your copper sink.

Reducing Copper Sink Discoloration

Copper’s ever-changing surface is one of the most beautiful characteristics about it. At Sinkology, we love the way that copper reflects real life—it changes, adjusts, evolves, and improves over time. It’s almost guaranteed that the surface of your copper sink will change, and eliminating discolorations is nearly impossible.

If you love the original look of your copper sink and want to find ways to reduce discoloration and natural spotting, here are a few helpful hints for general maintenance and care:

  • Rinse your sink completely after use
  • Clean your sink regularly to reduce green build-up from the patina as well as spotting from food, juice, chemicals, or other types of debris
  • Treat your sink regularly with Sinkology Copper Armor to help protect your sink’s finish by allowing water to bead up and rinse It will also help keep food debris from sticking to your sink
  • Use a copper sink bottom grid from Sinkology to keep dirty dishes from coming into prolonged contact with the sink’s surface
  • Use a Sinkology Sidekick Sponge Assistant to keep dirty sponges, rags, and scrubbers from coming into prolonged contact with the sink’s surface
  • Avoid harsh, abrasive chemicals and drain cleaners


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