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Nature of Copper

The beautiful, ever-changing power of copper in your home.

What to Expect with Copper

Copper has been part of nature for forever—and part of our lives for centuries. At Sinkology, we’re adapting the natural strength and beauty of copper into gorgeous kitchen, bath, and home décor products. Copper is a lot like a perfect pair of blue jeans or a comfortable pair of broken-in boots. With time and use, we break these things in and mold them to our shape. They remain strong and dependable as they react to our daily lives.

Copper’s surface reacts to the way we use it, and certain characteristics, like its color, can change with time and exposure. If you’ve ever compared a shiny new penny to an older penny, you can see the difference that time and exposure makes. That’s because copper has a living finish that changes and evolves with how you use it. It’s what makes copper beautiful and raw. The living finish is called the patina, and it’s a natural protective coating that ensures copper won’t corrode. The patina of your copper sink will always change. Certain acidic foods or chemicals will strip it off, and time will bring it back. It will go from light to dark, from extreme to subtle, but one thing’s for sure: it will always be changing.

Just like with life, change is the only constant. And change is good.

Copper Cleaning + Care

Everyday tips to care for your unique copper surface