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10 Easy Ways to Repurpose Scrap Wood

Nov 2017

We’ve seen a lot of photos from Sinkology customers where they have repurposed wood into really beautiful kitchen and bathroom projects. So, we asked our friend, Paul, over at Woodwork Boss for some ideas about repurposing scrap wood in your home decor. Woodwork Boss is an incredible resource for hobbyist woodworkers and DIYers. With their library of project plans, tips, and inspiration, there is an idea for almost every project.

If you are looking for a rustic look in your home – scrap wood is the perfect wood for a DIY project. There are many ways to re-purpose scrap wood. Whether it be turning the wood into a rustic table or creating a bird feeder – the ideas are endless. Besides the materials being cheap (or completely free), the tools you need are probably in your house already. Just grab the best screwdriver, a saw, some screws and you’ll be set.

Here are 10 easy ways to re-purpose scrap wood in your home:

Rustic table – A rustic table is always a great center piece for your living room, and it is quite easy to make. Find the scrap wood of your choosing, some stain or paint, a screw driver, screws and saw. Measure and saw – that’s all! For some ideas on tables and project plans, check out this post from Woodwork Boss.

Planter – A planter is essential to give your outdoor plants an elevated look. Get the scrap wood of your choosing, a screw driver, screws, a saw, and paint if desired. you’ll have a planter in no time! Measure out your desired length, width and height and saw away.

Shelf – A shelf is an awesome way to de-clutter a space while also giving your room some dimension. All you will need is scrap wood of your choosing, a drill, screws, paint if desired, a saw, measure out your desired length, width and height and screw together and you have a rustic shelf! 

Book Ends – Making book ends is an excellent way to re-purpose scrap wood! You will need a saw to cut out your desired shapes, wood glue, and paint if desired. Your books will be held by a masterpiece.

Accent Wall – An accent wall with scrap wood is an incredible way to give a room a rustic, farm style home feel… without the dollar signs! All you will need is scrap wood, finishing nails, adhesive for the wall and paint, if desired. Here’s an idea for triangle shelves from this blog post about 31 Best Woodworking Projects for Beginners.

Wooden Lantern Candle Holder – A wooden lantern candle holder is a great way to give a room some dim lighting with a beautiful rustic look. You will need is scrap wood of you choosing, nails, a hammer, paint if you desire, a glass candle holder and a candle. 

Bird Feeder – A bird feeder is a quick and easy way to bring some beauty into your own backyard. All you’ll need is some scrap wood, wood glue, nails and a saw. Oh, and, of course, some bird food! You’ll have some backyard friends in no time. 

Wooden Coasters – Wooden coasters are a quick and easy scrap wood project. Cut the scrap wood into the desired shape and paint if you wish.

Picture Frame – A wooden picture frame is a rustic piece that is made with love! All you will need is scrap wood, a hot glue gun, some screws and a lovely photograph.

Dog Bowl Holder – A dog bowl holder can definitely make your pet feel special. You will need scrap wood, a jigsaw to cut holes for the food and water bowls, legs for the table, a screw driver, screws and a hungry pet.

These are just some examples of the things you could do with leftover wood. Next time you have some scrap wood, don’t throw it away – instead, transform it into a cool decor item or a practical gadget for the house!

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