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On Trend: Mixing Metals for a Touch of Sparkle

Nov 2017

Sinkology is proud to present Kristan Allen, our design expert and guest blogger who runs the @FarmhouseRedefined Instagram. Kristan is here to share some design ideas and inspiration around designing your home around your copper sink.

As we gear up for the sparkliest season of the year, I couldn’t help but take a few minutes (translation: several hours over multiple days – thanks Pinterest!) to gather inspiration around mixing metals in the home. Mixing metal finishes has become really popular over the last few years and, as someone who has a tough time committing to just one thing, I love it! Using multiple metal finishes adds instant dimension to a room. It’s also a great way to marry a color palette or bring certain patterns together. As we gear up for all the sparkle and warmth this holiday season will bring, take a look below for some of my favorite ways to mix metals!

Try Finishes in the Same Gradient or Temperature

If you’re a little leery about mixing metals, one fool-proof way to start is by picking finishes along the same color gradient or in the same temperature family. For example, silver and nickel both share cool undertones, so they would complement each other. Black and white are neutral and could go either way. As far as a color gradient, I chose to pair my copper sink with an oil-rubbed bronze faucet. Both have warm undertones and are along the same rich brown color gradient, making them a natural choice for one another.


Consider Stainless Steel a Neutral

With stainless steel being the de facto choice for a lot of appliances these days, the silvery color can act almost as a neutral that blends in the background when paired with other metals. Case in point: this fresh and modern kitchen by Elizabeth Lawson Design. The stainless range blends in with the marble backsplash and white upper cabinets, giving the brass hardware and pendants room to shine.


Stick to an Earthy Foundation

Along the same lines of considering stainless steel a neutral, think about earthy elements as neutrals, too. Marble or stone backsplashes pair beautifully with warm and cool metals, so they’re a great base for mixing finishes. Same goes with concrete countertops! I’ve shared this amazing bathroom by Travis Richardson via Domino before. The heavy, stone-like quality of the concrete is a great foundation for the more delicate mix of gold and silver finishes used in the sconces and hardware. The mixed finishes also amp up the utilitarian nature of the concrete…love that juxtaposition!


Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small


Looking to experiment with mixing metal finishes, but you’re not quite ready to rip out all your cabinet hardware or faucets to start over? No worries! There are plenty of ways to mix metals through accessories. I wanted to warm up this corner of my kitchen and found an easy solution in this set of antique copper canisters. They blend well with the bronze hardware and stone backsplash, all while adding a touch of warmth that wasn’t there before. And how could I not share this glam bathroom from Better Homes and Gardens? I mean, it’s a sequin shower curtain! This curtain has a full-on shine that makes it pop, all while being tempered by the more matte finishes of the gold mirror and bronze faucet. The white sink and tub are the perfect blank canvas for this high-impact pairing.

Show us how you’re mixing metals! Tag us on Instagram — @Sinkology and @FarmhouseRedefined. Here’s to a bright holiday season ahead!

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