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2020 Kitchen Trends Around Every Corner

Mar 2020

Everywhere we look, things are changing. Maybe it’s the shift in the weather around us or the anticipation of a new decade in each of us, but we at Sinkology have our sights on making some big changes. Sure, by now, you’ve probably collected a complete list of New Year’s Resolutions. But today, we hope to inspire you to make some beautiful, on-trend renovations to your kitchen.

There are plenty of ways to make improvements in your kitchen. There are the tried-and-true, time-tested design choices that we have all depended on for the greater part of the last decade. But we’re looking forward to some incredible trends that we see not only catching on this coming year, but lasting well into the 2020’s.

Let’s break down one part of the kitchen at a time.

Your Kitchen Walls

Think wallpaper should only be reserved for your living room or stay in decades past? Think again. Wallpaper is going up everywhere in the kitchen of the future. Even if the permanency is a bit intimidating, with modern innovation there are plenty of movable wall paper options to choose from. If you love your crisp white subway-tiled backsplash, add textured or patterned wallpaper on the opposite wall for beautiful visual balance.

Your Kitchen Ceiling

This often forgotten area can become your kitchen’s newest statement piece. Whether you make it loud with a bright hit of color or patterned wallpaper or opt for a more natural effect like wood paneling, you’ll add dramatic flair to this once-overlooked space.

Your Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor should be the foundation of your design, and with the varying trends we’re seeing for the entire space, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’re loving porcelain planks that give the appearance of natural wood in shades from blonde to ebony and the rug-like tile patterns that make an impact even greater than a standout backsplash.

Your Kitchen Countertops

Fresh, light-colored countertops will continue to create a clean look in 2020 kitchens. Consider making a low-maintenance, high-impact countertop improvement with quartz. They require less upkeep than granite with an equally timeless style.

Your Kitchen Sink

It’s no secret that we at Sinkology love a good farmhouse style sink. We’re glad to see this trend staying well into the 2020’s. This big, practical sink now comes in a range of materials to choose from, with which, as we share in our next kitchen trend, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.  

Your Kitchen Fixtures

As the amount of fixture options continues to increase, choosing just one finish can be a challenge. But in 2020 and beyond, you don’t have to choose. Yes, you can – and should – feel confident mixing a nickel faucet with matte black knobs and a brass ceiling light.

Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets will do more than simply hold cooking tools and dishes in the next decade. They’re your chance to show your style. Cabinets can be stained in your color of choice like vibrant blues and greens or neutral greige, feature clear glass-front doors to showcase your favorite pieces, or be made from reclaimed woods for a cozy and comfortable look with a global impact. And, just like your fixtures, your cabinets don’t have to be so matchy-matchy, so feel free to say a few things with this kitchen staple.

Your Kitchen Appliances

Fixtures, cabinets, and walls may be a great place to make a statement in 2020, but we’re seeing a more integrated look when it comes to appliances. Under-counter microwaves and paneled refrigerators create seamless style with built-in beauty, letting your other elements take center stage.  

Now, you don’t have to try every one of these trends and completely makeover of every inch of your kitchen by next month. Start with your favorite, and take it one at a time. The kitchen is every home’s hub, so make sure that whatever trend you take on, it suits your household’s lifestyle.  No matter what trend you choose, maximize living space and connection by merging comfortable cooking space with casual dining. Open concept kitchens are here to stay.

Let us know which you start with by tagging us @Sinkology on Instagram with #My2020KitchenResolution.


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