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Bring Care Home

Mar 2020

We tend to take extra care of the things that matter the most to us, from our personal relationships with loved ones to the very homes we build with our families. We at Sinkology believe your sink deserves the same dedicated care you give to your most important people and places. After all, it is the central hub of your home. Think about it: your kitchen sink is one of the most-used spots in your home. Every day, it’s filled with fresh produce, dirty dishes, soapy water, and more, keeping your home running smoothly.  A little extra effort helps to extend the life and look of your sink.

But excellent care doesn’t have to be hard work. The best care is simply intentional, which is why we created an all-in-one kit to clean and protect. Our Care IQ Kits are specially designed with your sink in mind.

Preventative care is critical when it comes to sink maintenance, which is why all three of our Care IQ Kits include our Defend Protective Sealant. Everyday sink tasks that typically leads to water and surface stains are no longer an issue with regular use of our sealant.

All of this power and protection comes in an easy-spray solution with a neutral odor. Simply apply Defend Protective Sealant using our microfiber polishing cloth that is included in our Care IQ Kit. With just one application, the sealant forms a thin, light-reflecting shell over the surface of your sink that protects while shining beautifully.

At your next use, you’ll notice how Defend’s moisture-rejecting properties help water to bead up and protect against water spots. And, your copper sink will continue to change beautifully. Please note that our Defend Protective Sealant is designed to work with your sink’s patina, not prevent it from changing color. For best results on all Fireclay, Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Copper sinks, a monthly application is all that’s needed to see the difference Defend Protective Sealant can make.

For ongoing care, we include the Restore Cleaning Polish. With it, you can wipe away the messes of the day to get rid of the small scuffs, scratches, and stains that come with everything from rinsing produce to soaking pots and pans. Simply apply with a dry cloth then buff with the Sinkology microfiber cleaning cloth included in your Care IQ Kit.

Restore Cleaning Polish is a concentrated liquid that is gentle enough to use daily but strong enough to take care of whatever you throw at your sink each day. Trust us on this one, your copper sink will do better with the microfiber cleaning cloth alone.

If you’ve been looking for an easier way to care for your sink, our Care IQ Kit is the all-in-one solution you need. 

  • For those of you with a naturally beautiful copper sink, learn more about our Copper Care IQ Kit.
  • If you have a fantastic fireclay sink, learn more about our Fireclay Care IQ Kit.
  • For households with nickel or stainless steel, be on the lookout for our Stainless Care IQ Kit (coming soon!).

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