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2021 Kitchen Trend

Dec 2020

We at Sinkology have been dreaming about the new year for months. You too? We thought so.

Now that 2021 is just a couple of weeks away, we can officially start planning for the new year. What better place to start than in the most-used room in your home? From coast to coast, country to country, we have all have been spending much more time in our kitchens than in recent years…even if it is just a place to gather carry-out items from your favorite restaurant.

Today, we share three of our favorite kitchen trends forecasted for 2021.  


Eye-Catching Statements

The new year is going to be anything but drab. We all are ready for intriguing beauty that excites, rather than more of the same that bores. Trend forecasters are seeing big statements being made in the kitchen in many forms, from the sink to the backsplash behind it. There’s no one “right” way to make a statement. In fact, for 2021, it’s clear that there are as many styles as there are individuals. But where to make the statement? We say in the sink.

Crafted Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with flowers in a vase on the countertop

If you know anything about us at Sinkology, you know we obsess over sinks. We know it’s the perfect place to add a functional statement that will make your time in the kitchen easier for everyday chores and on the eyes. From charming farmhouse sinks to copper, we have a wide selection so you can find a sink that suits.

If you already have a sink you love, now is the time to infuse fresh color into your monochromatic space. From quirky to sophisticated, color can say it all. Bring in vibrancy through an updated appliance or colorful cabinetry. If that’s not exactly in the budget right now but you want a more purposeful kitchen addition, bring on a beautiful backsplash. Skip the subway tiles and opt for a more unique mosaic design or stone.

We understand that a commitment to a standout shade can be a bit daunting. Many stick with neutrals, thinking they’ll tire of uncommon shades sooner than classic whites or earthy browns. 2021 says otherwise. A great first step in making a colorful statement is with a fresh coat of paint. Make an accent wall or shower every inch in a new color. For the biggest commitment-phones, try removable wallpaper.


Lower-Maintenance Countertops

Marble countertops flooded kitchens everywhere in 2020. But like the year itself, they’re only good in theory. Marble might be beautiful to look at, but they require a lot of money and everyday effort to maintain. In 2021, we expect kitchens to swap out needy materials for a more family-friendly alternative like quartz. Quartz can give you the same look as marble with extra durability for whatever your household might throw at it.

Crafted Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with flowers in a vase on the countertop

For more natural kitchens, trade out butcher blocks with an FSC-certified wood, bamboo or reclaimed wood. The inviting look brings so much sturdy beauty to the kitchen without negatively impacting the environment. This brings us to our third and final top kitchen trend for 2021.


Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Kitchens

Over the recent years, there’s been a clear shift toward sustainable alternatives, especially in 2020. At times, it can seem like small changes won’t make a difference. But individuals have the opportunity to make an impact that lasts in their own homes. More and more household products continue to come to market year after year, providing more earth-conscious kitchen convenience. 2021 is expected to bring even more.

Crafted Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with flowers in a vase on the countertop

You might already be thinking your dated refrigerator needs to be traded out for a modern alternative, but you might be surprised at the energy-saving solutions that come with other appliances. We’re seeing stoves that require little to no preheating and dishwashers that use less water with every wash. These one-time purchases that last will continue to make an impact with every use.

With all the extra time we’ve all spent in the kitchen in 2020, it’s clear that an upgrade will be well worth it. Go ahead, try (at least) one of these top three trends for 2021. You – and your kitchen – deserve it.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.