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Is Copper Right for My Kitchen?

Jan 2021


It’s no secret that we at Sinkology appreciate a copper sink in the kitchen. We love how it’s anything but ordinary. Of course, the unique look might lead you to believe a copper sink will never suit your current kitchen design. But trust us on this one, copper is the perfect accessory to any kitchen. Today, we break down some of the benefits a copper sink can bring to kitchens of all types.

Let’s start with different colored kitchens.

copper sink in dark kitchen

Dark-Colored Kitchens

If your kitchen is filled with earthy browns or moody matte black, a copper sink will fit right in. We especially love how a copper sink, when paired with a speckled brown granite backsplash, creates a perfect flow from countertop to wall. But you shouldn’t stop at one copper piece alone. We highly encourage bringing in multiple copper elements to dark-colored kitchens, which will richen the overall look of the room. Don’t be concerned about matching copper perfectly. When it comes to this natural material, it’s better to be less matchy-matchy and more eclectic.

For this kitchen style, consider our Orwell Undermount Copper Sink. The expansive basin shows off its hand-hammered detail beautifully, especially in richly colored kitchens.



All-White Kitchens

This kitchen style has proven to withstand the test of time. We love the new obsession with marble white everything. It’s common to see white-washed walls, cabinets, and appliances paired with a white farmhouse sink. But a copper farmhouse sink creates a standout focal point in an otherwise simple monochromatic room. An apron front copper sink is beautiful and timeless, and anything but trendy.

When it comes to an all-white farmhouse kitchen, we highly recommend our Moran Farmhouse Apron Copper Sink. Featuring a warm antique color, it’s the perfect accent to a beloved classic shape.

It’s easy to see how a copper sink brings beauty to any kitchen. But it is so much more than just a centerpiece. No matter what kind of colors fill your kitchen, a copper brings functionality to a whole new level.

Busy Family Kitchens

Copper may look decorative, but it’s incredibly durable, too. Its naturally long lifespan combined with our damage-concealing finishes will withstand anything your family throws its way. For big family dinners, we think a single bowl is best. It’s big enough to handle large loads and has plenty of elbow room for more a comfortable chore experience for your kids, meaning less complaints for you.

For the busiest family kitchens, we think our David Copper Kitchen Sink is the way to go. With its extra-deep bowl – an impressive 9.25” depth – you can load this sink with every prep piece and plate. Plus, the tight corners mean easy clean-up. All you need is a little soap, water, and our Copper Care IQ kit to keep it looking like new, even when you’re an empty nester.


Clean Kitchens

When many people think of a clean kitchen sink, they often picture a crisp white bowl or shiny stainless steel sink. It’s common for some to worry that a copper sink will look – or literally be – dirty. The most clean-obsessed will be happy to know that copper is naturally antimicrobial. Plus, it’s resistant to rust and corrosion, meaning it will stay looking as clean as it actually is.

Any of our copper sinks will suit an extra-clean kitchen, but we recommend our Rivera Copper Sink for the cleanest cleanup. It brings all the naturally cleansing benefits of copper in a double sink form, keeping clean dishes away from dirty water.

Do you have a copper sink in your kitchen? If so, we want to know why you love it in yours. Share a photo on your Instagram story and tag us @Sinkology. We would love to feature you on ours!



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