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Prep with our Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

May 2019

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a bit of a bathroom upgrade. No matter if you can’t wait to get started or are stalling due to fear, are updating every inch or making minor improvements, you must plan ahead before diving in.

To help you prepare for your upcoming renovation, we’ve gathered our top 5 things to do before your project begins.

  • Picture a day in your bathroom’s life

Before jumping into a renovation, it’s important to consider how you’ll use your bathroom on a day-to-day basis.

For starters, consider who uses the sink, and how often. Sure, a handmade vessel sink resting on a gorgeous natural stone countertop is lovely, but not realistic for a busy family of four. But an edgeless undermount sink that attaches directly to a stain-resistant counter is.

Speaking of counters, check in on how full yours currently is – both in regards to soap scum and toiletries. For the perfect balance of kid-friendly resiliency and on-trend beauty, concrete is the way to go. But let’s be serious, if your master suite is in need of an upgrade, splurge on a natural stone. That is, only if you plan to take care of it.

Repeat this step for your floor, shower, and cupboards. Simply take a walk-through of your current bathroom and consider how your get-ready routine could be simplified with a few updates or how your shower experience might be a bit better with the right materials and accessories.

  • Prioritize your upgrades

After completing Tip 1, your top areas of focus are sure to be obvious. If your sink has seen better days, start there. If you’re shower is less “spa” and more “blah”, upgrade the showerhead or tile. If you can’t bear to stare at your outdated mirror, work around that. This is your renovation. Prioritize accordingly.

  • Think “big picture”

While priorities are important, when it comes to remodels, you have to consider how each improvement will impact the space in its entirety. You don’t want to be pigeonholed by constraints you set on yourself.

You can approach this big-picture perspective in two ways:

  • From the floor-up

For complete remodels, build your vision with a sturdy base (aka your floor) and work your way up.

  • From your priority piece

For smaller-scale upgrades, consider how your mirror upgrade might impact the look of the vanity, or how your new vanity might impact storage space.

No matter where you start, keep your finishes consistent. Seriously. Find your favorite finish and repeat with every fixture. Coordinate everything: your sink faucet, towel rack, showerhead, toilet roll holder, drawer pulls, shower curtain rod, door handles, and lighting fixtures. Yes, it will make a difference.

Of course, play favorites cautiously. Remember Tip 1? If it’s an adult-only bathroom, opt for a polished finish. It’s elegant and eye-catching but requires constant upkeep to keep its shine. For a more kid-friendly alternative, go for a brushed finish. Brushed is better at hiding water spots and fingerprints.

  • Get down to the details

Now, your renovation is starting to get real. It’s time to gather physical measurements, down to every last nook and cranny. Measure with precision to determine if your cabinet dream is realistic or if small shelves will be enough for storage.

When renovating, you want to make use of every inch possible. But, the actual size isn’t the only limitation you must take into consideration. When taking your measurements, consider the location of existing plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. You’ll want to work with your space, not against, to save both time and money.

  • Find a renovation partner

The final, and most important step of all, is to determine if your project is DIY-level or will require a professional’s touch. Simple drop-in sinks or mirror installations are manageable for most, but don’t let pride get in the way, especially if you’re a DIY novice. Trained professionals will help you get your project completed faster, and you’re more likely to be happy with the results.

Take your bathroom renovation one step at a time. With a bit of planning, you can create the bathroom you’ve always wanted.


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