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Our Top Bathroom Tile Trends to Try in 2019

May 2019

We at Sinkology love the look of well-placed tile in a bathroom. Why tile? Well, for starters, it’s durable. It won’t mold, dent, or split like drywall. Plus, it can withstand extreme temperature changes and is totally unaffected by moisture in the air. Obviously, a necessity in a steamy bathroom.

But beyond its functional benefits, tile can be used as an eye-catching focal point or a beautiful backdrop to spruce up any bathroom. I’m seeing both ends of the style spectrum in the bathroom tile trends of 2019. So there’s something for everyone, no matter your budget or your personal style.

For the biggest impact

If you’re looking to make a big change to your bathroom without redoing your entire space, decorative tiles are the way to go. Stemming from a growing desire for craftsmanship and artistry, we’re seeing painted and patterned tiles more than ever before.

Endless intricate designs are available in an array of shades, from vibrant greens to deep black and rich red to cool blue. Whether you make a statement on shower walls, simply along the floor, or all of the above, these beautiful patterned tiles provide an updated yet retro vibe.

For a subtler statement  

If stenciled tiles are a bit too much for you, experiment with shapes for a more understated update. We’re seeing everything from a longer, more narrow take on subway tiles to unexpectedly eccentric fish scale shapes. But if 2019 could be summed up in one shape, it would have to be: honeycomb. The hexagonal shape adds geometric intrigue without going too “out there.” So I’m sure this trend will stand the test of time.

These specialty shapes from Riad Tile can be continued from the floor tile to your walls for a more seamless, subtly stunning look.. But there’s something I love about the linear pattern that’s growing in popularity. I’m seeing arrangements ranging from herringbone to chevron. It’s the perfect vertical addition along the wall adjacent to your tub.

For the classic and conservative

If tiles of varying shapes and designs sound less spa-like and more stressful, wood-like tiles are the option for you. Now, you can (finally) get the simple beauty of wood in the bathroom with the necessary functionality of tile.

Ideal for open-concept homes and consistent, almost infinite room-to-room flow, traditional and modern homes alike will see a major upgrade from this easy install. There are planks available in a variety of styles and colors, but 2019 is all about the cool tones, like gray and white.

If you fall somewhere between these trends, create your very own.

  • Small mosaics add the perfect amount of texture among standard square tiles, even in soft white or light gray. They’re a perfect way to upgrade minimally, anywhere from shower alcoves to flooring edges and corners.
  • I’ve seen tile “runners” that bring visual intrigue to larger white tiles with a few rows of patterned tile in front of the bathroom vanity. Think of it like a sleeker, more functional “rug” for your bathroom.
  • Stay consistent with the type of tile you use, but vary the placement. A chevron line of tiles among vertically placed tiles creates a more intriguing, yet subdued sight.

Yes, tiles are a bathroom standard. But as you’ve learned with the top trends for 2019, the design doesn’t have to be. No matter if you’re looking for an understated update or a full-on upgrade, personalize your bathroom with fresh tiles. This is your chance to really showcase your true style with an important functional improvement.

Now, it’s time for the hardest part: deciding which tile to install (and how).


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