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How To: Bring Fall Charm to your Kitchen

Nov 2020

Autumn is officially upon us. Some of you might be exclaiming “finally” while others are already missing summer. We believe that every season is a reason to celebrate, no matter what the weather is like outside. It gives us the opportunity to spruce up our spaces, including our favorite room in the home: the kitchen.

Yes, seasonal décor *can* be tacky at times. But you don’t have to stick with overly obvious Thanksgiving-themed towels, trick-or-treat signs, or overdone autumnal color palate. We believe that, when done right, fall décor can bring a special seasonal vibe. No matter if you’re a pumpkin spice fan, love cozy sweater evenings, or just like a change of pace in your space, here are a few ways to add charming fall touches to your kitchen:

Like we’ve shared in previous posts, all-white kitchens are currently beloved in homes all over the country. But don’t think that you have to take away from that crisp minimalistic look just to bring in a touch of fall. If you want to keep your all-white kitchen consistent, bring in beautiful white pumpkins and fresh eucalyptus. Together, there is a touch of texture with just a nod to fall, without overdoing it.

If you’re open to a bit of color, burnt orange is a great place to start. Whether through a gathering of leaves sitting atop your cabinets or in potted mums surrounding your bay window, there’s nothing more fall that an orange hue. Of course, if orange is the opposite of your aesthetic, try rich reds instead. When used in table runners, place mats, and even stovetop pots, you and your entire family will be ready for cozy evenings in.

No matter your color preference, fall florals add a beautiful change to standard blooms. In addition to vibrant mums, we love bringing in a blend of wispy grain stalks and dried flowers to dining room tables, wall planters, and wreaths.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to add clutter just to create a fall feel in your kitchen. Even the most functionality focused people can bring in a touch of fall to the kitchen. It’s all about featuring the most autumnal things that you’re already using day to day. One of our favorite ways to do this is in a countertop fruit basket. Trade out juicy limes and lemons for farm-fresh apples in your kitchen island’s fruit basket. If you have a multi-tier basket, take the top-most shelf for mini gourds. If you tend to keep sweets in stock, this is a perfect chance to feature pumpkin pie on your dessert stand or swap out your standard cookie jar for a pumpkin-shaped alternative.

Not only can you show off only your most-used fall foods, trading out materials will help you mentally shift away from summer to cooler fall nights. One way to do this is by replacing any crisp white canisters you keep on your countertop for copper. This natural metal will bring the shades of the season indoors, beautifully.

How will you bring in the season of change into your kitchen? We’d love to be inspired by your favorite fall décor. Share with us on Instagram @Sinkology with #FallFavorites.



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