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Our Fall Favorites: Bathroom Edition

Nov 2020

Now that it’s October, you might be embracing autumn in your day-to-day life with pumpkin spice everything, cozy cable knit sweaters, and evening bonfires. But what about your bathroom décor? If it’s still stuck in summer, keep reading. This post will inspire you to incorporate some of our fall favorites into your bathrooms, from half baths to master suites.

We at Sinkology love all things fall and firmly believe that seasonal celebrations shouldn’t stop at the bathroom door. Now, we’re not saying that you need to fill every inch of your bathroom with fall elements. It’s quite the opposite, really. Frankly, there isn’t space for festive hay bales or spooky jack-o-lanterns in the average bathroom.

We recommend you only bring in seasonal décor that will bring a smile to your face, not annoyances to your bathroom visit. Skip the unnecessary clutter that will just slow you down in your already hurried morning routine.

…Yes, this is even recommended for those of you with a short commute traveling to your downstairs home office. No one wants to add so much seasonal stuff that it interferes with everyday life. Instead, you want to bring seasonality in conveniently.

One of the easiest, most impactful additions actually takes up the least amount of space: an air freshener. We love how air fresheners fill the room with a fall-perfect feel, without adding visible clutter. Whether a simple outlet plug like a Bath & Body Works wallflower, a soothing all-natural essential oil diffuser, or cozy candle, this is one of our favorite ways to set a fall vibe indoors. Not sure what fragrance is best for fall? Our favorite candle and wallflower fragrances include pumpkin spice (obviously), sweet apple cider, and earthy cedar. For essential oils, we’re all about natural cinnamon bark, bergamot, and clove.

We understand if some of you are less than enthused about adding fragrance to an impeccably clean bathroom. But, you can still bring in a natural fall essence with seasonal plants. From tall grasses and dried flower bouquets to branches filled with colorful leaves, there are plenty of ways to incorporate seasonal nature indoors. Opt for tall, thin vases on your countertop corners or along wall shelves. We even love trading out decorative stones, pearls, and gems in glass jars for acorns, buckeyes, and pine cones in mason jars. Just be sure to be intentional with these natural elements…and promise to not go overboard.

If the thought of adding an extra anything to your bathroom immediately gives you claustrophobia, simply replace your favorite fabrics with a more fall shade. You’ll love the transition from a beautiful, summery blue rug to rich red bath mat, crisp white towels to earthy brown alternatives, or a springy floral shower curtain to one filled with golden yellow sunflowers.

Yes, fall is a beautiful, colorful time. But, we get it if you’d prefer to stick with the neutrals. There’s really nothing better than keeping a white-and-gray theme all autumn long with a small collection of white pumpkins, distressed wood frames, and cotton branches.

These are some of our fall favorites for bathroom design. Now, we want to know: how do you bring all the fall feels to your bathroom? Share your seasonal favorites with us on Instagram @Sinkology with #FallFavorites.



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