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Captivate with the Most Charming Farmhouse Kitchen

Feb 2020

The farmhouse style kitchen is a modern design trend that we don’t foresee going away in the near future. And we’re thankful for that! We love the unpretentious effortlessness it evokes. But, if we’re being honest, this style is anything but easy to pull off with perfection. It may seem like the most laidback kitchen style of all, but to do this trend right, it requires a bit of foresight and purposeful placement. So today, we’re sharing the three things to keep in mind when creating the most charming farmhouse kitchen.


Natural Elements

A great farmhouse kitchen avoids stark, sleek metals and opts for warm, natural materials like wood, copper, and stone instead. Skip the modern, man made materials and shades and select natural wood cabinets in cherry, maple, oak, or pine, white marble subway tiles, and a perfect copper sink. Trust us on this one, simple shaker cabinets, hand-hewed barn beams, a walnut island, and our handcrafted farmhouse style sinks, like our Lange or Monet, can go a long way.

Of course, when it comes to color, you want to keep it simple. Skip vibrant pinks and inorganic greensBut don’t let that put you in a design rut. There are no hard-set rules when it comes to modern farmhouse colors. Pair anything from crisp to distressed whites with deep blacks, rich browns, and earthy reds to make this style your own.

And while we believe a kitchen sink is the best place to bring in a beautiful natural copper, keep in mind that a farmhouse kitchen is rooted in an “au natural” vibe. Don’t shy away from bringing in natural materials in unexpected places, like a wooden range hood, copper lamps. Plus, copper lamps boost brightness and warmth to your space. Bonus points for slightly distressed or white-washed finish.

Functional Pieces

The great thing about a farmhouse style kitchen is that it’s meant to be used. A deep sink and spacious prep area are the foundation of every great farmhouse-style kitchen. Whether made of porcelain or stainless steel, a farmhouse-style sink size is capable of catering to large, farm-to-table style meals. We love how it’s a striking focal point that’s equal parts functional and farmhouse style.

Wide Open Spaces

A farmhouse style kitchen centers on the people it serves. That requires expansive cooking spaces that can accommodate large meals and even grander dining areas for family get-together. A common feature of farmhouse-style kitchens are open flows. This is helpful in everyday living—like keeping tabs on the kids while you’re making dinner—as well as when you host. When guests feel free to flow in and out of the kitchen, it can really add an element of comfort and create a feeling of welcome.

In addition to open flows, big surface spaces are important. In a farmhouse sink, you’ll find plenty of surface area to stack dishes, let pots and pans soak, or prep your food for serving. One thing to keep in mind is functionality: don’t let your most important “spaces” in the kitchen be too far away. You want to have your spices and stirring spoons near your stove, while coffee mugs should be within an arm’s reach of the coffee pot.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to captivate with your utterly charming farmhouse kitchen. Of course, not everyone is ready to fully renovate this most-used room, especially in more urban areas. You don’t have to make a complete renovation to take advantage of the farmhouse-style trend.


No matter what part of the country you live in, this is a great trend to try out in your kitchen, especially if you want to evoke an accommodating vibe. We’d love to see it in action – no matter if you go all-out or just tip-toe into the trend. Share a photo of your family enjoying your oversized table, deep-basin sink or other perfectly farmhouse element on Instagram with #MyFarmhouseKitchen. Don’t forget to tag us @Sinkology for a chance to be featured!


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