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Red is the Color of Love: Inspiration for Red Decor Designs

Mar 2020

Now that it’s February, we’re seeing all the red…and we’re not mad about it. We love the warmth and vibrancy red brings, especially in the colder, darker days this time of year. But this got us thinking: why not share the love all year long? We believe that red, the color of love, can – and should – be used year-round.

The best place to start?  The kitchen. After all, your kitchen fuels you. Adding a touch of red will inspire some incredible changes and make an impression – even beyond just visual. Like we’ve said in previous posts, color greatly impacts the overall vibe of a space. Red is associated with power and strength, passion and love. Essentially, it’s emotionally intense and energetic, so much so that it’s proven to impact our metabolism, respiration rates, and blood pressure.

Now, this is red in its purest form. In interior design, pure red can be a bit too intense for some people.  But the shade of red greatly changes how we respond to it. For example:

  • Light red can uplift a space, as it’s associated with joy and love.
  • Dark red can inspire the surrounding area, as it’s associated with courage and leadership.

It’s important to keep in mind that red is actually perceived differently from one culture to culture another. For example:

  • In India, red is a color of purity.
  • In China, red is a joyous, lucky color.
  • In the Middle East, red is associated with danger and evil.

Depending on the tone you’d like to set, follow these three tips to bring red – and all the love – into your kitchen.

For a hint of red, accessorize.

You don’t have to go all-out to get all the benefits of red in your kitchen design. Even the tiniest touches of red used sparingly throughout your kitchen can enliven the space. From vases to chairs, benches to drawer pulls, even faux apples and berries can create enough impact without overpowering.

If all this décor seems like overkill, go functional. Your appliances are the perfect purposeful accessories. Even the simplest red knobs on a stainless steel stove can be enough for some kitchens.

As with anything, accessorizing is pure creativity and self-expression. You might include perky reds that highlight your kitchen’s architecture or go for a deeper shade for a moodier, more intimate vibe.

For a muted mention of red, go for distressed cabinetry.

You’ve probably seen distressed cabinetry in countless kitchens before, but there’s something special when a rich red is the base of this farmhouse style favorite. This technique brings in the best benefits of red with a vintage nod, and without overdoing it. Plus, it’s incredibly DIY-friendly. With a little paint and sandpaper, you’ll be well on your way to bringing red into your kitchen. Opt for deeper, red-brown shades to really accentuate your farmhouse sink without overpowering.

Of course, if the thought of painting and distressing your newly installed, neutral white cabinets is a bit too daunting for you, consider incorporating this farmhouse-approved shade in a freestanding island or bookshelf.

For a statement red, make it over.

While this may sound intimidating to some, a high-impact, red-dominant kitchen can create the perfect vibe for others. For those who are ready for an attention-grabbing upgrade, go big. Go beyond small accessories and blocks of color.

If you’re up for it, go neon…in moderation. Think bright red cabinets with an otherwise all-white, glass-filled kitchen. Or, vice verse: install red countertops that pop with a base of crisp white cabinets, appliances, and floors.

We would love to see how you use red in your kitchen design. Tag us on Instagram @Sinkology with #RedKitchenLove.


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