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The Cleaning Power of Copper

Oct 2020

washing at copper sink

It’s no secret that we love copper here at Sinkology. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s easy to understand our infatuation. Copper is simply stunning with finishes ranging from the brightest shine to the deepest shade. Its naturally unique variations make an impact in kitchens of all styles, from rustic to modern. We can’t decide which is our favorite, which is why we offer five durable finishes that will fit your home’s style and stay beautiful through everyday use.


But there’s more to our obsession than looks alone. Copper is the superior sink material that is more powerful than what you might realize. In a time where health and cleanliness is top of mind, an antibacterial material like copper can bring peace of mind.


The average sink is a sanctuary for germs and odors. But with self-cleaning copper, germs die on contact for a cleaner sink. Not only is copper antibacterial, it’s also antiviral and anti-fungal. This may be news to you, but copper has has been known for its cleaning properties for centuries:

  • Egyptians would use copper In their worlds to prevent infection.
  • Aztecs used a blend of copper oxide and copper carbonate with olive paste and honey to treat skin infections.
  • Copper workers in Paris survived cholera epidemics thanks to their daily job.


Today, you can feel confident while washing everything from your favorite dishes to your littlest baby in your copper sink. 


But how does copper act as a powerful healer? Science shows that copper ions are released when microbes land on the surface. These microbes can be from dirty dishes, a sneeze, or a single touch of a finger. Essentially, these copper ions destroy the microbes’ DNA and RNA to prevent cell respiration and the spread of disease. What’s even more incredible about this is that this process prevents mutation, meaning microbes can never become resistant to copper. Instead, copper is strong enough to kill superbugs that have mutated to be antibiotic resistant. Forget the sink, we want to install copper everywhere in this day and age.


Given its incredibly unique qualities, copper has its own kind of care. When it comes to caring for a copper sink, you can skip the harsh cleaning chemicals you need for stainless steel and stone sinks. Stick with a simple rinse with soapy water after use and regular use of our CareIQ Kit. Click here for our top tips on how to properly care for your copper sink.


Beyond the home, copper’s impact extends to our shared environment. This eco-friendly material has the highest recycling rate, which, in a time of single-use everything, is an important piece of sustainable living. And, according to the International Copper Association (Copper Alliance), of the 550 million tons mined since 1900, two-thirds are estimated to still be in use today. Copper Alliance says, “Copper is one of the few materials that can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of performance. As well as helping to satisfy the annual demand for copper, recycling conserves valuable natural resources, saves energy, and reduces CO2 emissions.”

Yes, copper may be pretty, but there’s nothing delicate or dainty about it. It’s some powerful stuff that can help you keep your household healthy for an entire lifetime. There’s a reason it stays looking as good as the day of installation for years to come. Copper is incredibly durable, especially when constructed properly.


Installing a Sinkology copper sink in your home will withstand the test of time, unlike trendier styles and weaker materials. Copper is essentially ageless yet immediately historic. Unlike standard stone sinks, it’s hard to tell old copper from new. Our sinks are high-quality and high-gauge for long-lasting use.


It’s clear that the true power of copper is more than surface-deep. If you’d like to learn more about copper and its nature, you can learn more on our website. Click here so you know what to expect before your first use.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.