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Design Solutions For Tiny Kitchens

Jan 2019


Photos from Tiny Heirloom


When an oversized pantry, endless drawer space and expansive countertops aren’t an option, creativity in the kitchen is a must. Follow these simple space-saving hacks to take your kitchen from small to spacious:    

Take advantage of any unused space.  

In a tiny kitchen, not an inch of space can be spared. But more often than not, the space beneath your sink is left vacant…or jumbled with so much junk you can’t even locate what you’re looking for.  


  • Classy, not trashy. Attach a paper towel roller in the cabinet to more easily dispense trash bags, which would otherwise inevitably unroll and entangle around your sink pipes and other under-sink items.   


  • Cleaner cleanup. Install a curtain rod and hang your cleaning products. Baskets can be filled beneath for additional storage. For the laziest easiest access, add a Lazy Susan. 


  • Roll out. Snag a pullout track at your local home improvement store for trash and recycling bins. Pick up two and easily pull out stacks of organized baskets filled with necessities.   


  • Hidden wonders. Utilize the inside of your cabinet doors that would otherwise go unused for countless storage possibilities. Mount pegboards or damage-free hooks to hang gloves, scrubbers or small tools. Adhere magazine holders to conveniently store items like aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Small towel racks hide away washrags and dish towels while thin shelves store more without impeding on under-sink space.   


  • Faux real. Utilize the wasted space your faux-drawer beneath your sink fills. Simply remove the front and install a paper towel holder. More space for you, less drips for your floor.  

Photos From Tiny Heirloom


Double up on decorative storage.   

Countertop nick-knacks fill what little prep space you have. But that doesn’t mean your space has to be devoid of décor. Rather than filling up what limited counter space you have, simply merge fashion with function.  


  • Backsplash beauty. The space between your upper cabinets and countertops can provide more than paint or tile with purposeful décor. Hang a road with hooks to showcase your (ever-growing) coffee mug collection.  Backsplash baskets can easily be hung to store all your kitchen necessities without adding clutter to the countertop. Styles range from sleek metal to rustic wood and can be filled with anything from spoons to fresh fruit.  


  • Magnificent magnetics. Utilize the many magnetic surfaces already in your kitchen with magnetized storage containers. Magnetic spice holders can attach to the front of your fridge for a pop of natural color and freed-up cabinet space. For subtler spice storage, add a layer of magnetic paint beneath your cabinets or on the backsplash. Added bonus, your knives and other metal tools will have a new home, too.  


  • Hang happy. Macramé hanging baskets are making a serious comeback. Aside from succulents, your baskets can house fresh fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable condiments and grab-and-go snacks. Hang a 2- or 3-tier style above your sink to take advantage of the open-air space, within reach.  


What are your favorite space-saving hacks? Let us know in the comments below. 

Photos courtesy of Tiny Heirloom on Instagram.

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