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Stunning Kitchens Require Subtle Details

Jan 2019

When planning a kitchen remodel, designers say that the smallest, most understated element can make the most impact. We’ve gathered the top five insider tips to help even low-budget kitchens rival grandiose designs with delicate details.  


Tip 1. Coordinate every element  

 Yes, it sounds obvious, but our first tip is about more than just keeping kitchen appliance finishes and cabinetry color consistent. While our designers do recommend opting for the same appliance shade in any case, considering the display color is equally as important. There’s something faintly displeasing about seeing a green digital clock on a microwave beside blue numbers on a nearby oven.  

 But remember, we said coordinate, not match. Cabinetry and hardware need not match perfectly, but rather, pair nicely to create an overall balanced look. It’s important to connect your kitchen without being too “matchy matchy.” A range of monochromatic shades and textures can merge to create a harmonious aesthetic. One word of caution: Balance consistency with creativity. For example, choose varying drawer pulls and knobs in the same finish to create coordinated, rather than chaotic, beauty. 




Tip 2. Fit snugly  

 Our experts say that subtle beauty requires seamless design. No matter the material, it’s visually more appealing for the eye to follow an endless line, rather than a jumbled design. Luckily, there are options beyond the standardized shapes and sizes of kitchen materials for personalized alternatives that meet specific remodel needs.   

 Things like counter-depth fridges and mounted microwaves merge prepping and cooking areas effortlessly with a continuous edge. And like an infinity pool, backsplashes can also form a sleek visual line, whether it expands up to the ceiling or just above the countertop. Simply put: the more connected your kitchen, the grander it will seem. Trust us, you’ll see.  




Tip 3. Stow with purpose   

 First-time kitchen remodelers can make the rookie mistake of designing without function in mind. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home. (Don’t they seem to hold piles of mail, paperwork and keys more than any other?) This excess clutter makes a kitchen feel anything but special.  

 It’s important to store all your items with intention for accessible kitchen work: dirty sponges and kitchen cleaners belong beneath the kitchen sink, cookbooks close to the stove and knives near the prep space. Speaking of work, make a special home for bulky countertop appliances like coffee makers, toasters and juicers. *Bonus points for a built-in outlet.* You’ll enjoy the cooking convenience while looking like a master chef to guests. Just be sure to place your appliances on your countertop when in use. Even tablets, phones and other electronics, which inevitably make their way to this household hub, can safely store in a hidden plug-ready drawer. Because, let’s admit, we really can’t be anywhere without them.  




Tip 4. Soften spotless surfaces  

 Kitchens come with a blend of sturdy materials to withstand day-to-day tasks. But the combination of solid stones and sleek metals can create an overall cold, unapproachable look. As we mentioned in the previous tip, the kitchen is a high-traffic room. So, it needs to be comfortable enough for everyday use.  

 Fresh flowers and potted plants bring new life to a kitchen space while pillows, cushions and runners add visible and tangible comfort. We recommend opting for low-maintenance plants and outdoor fabric for minimal upkeep.  




Tip 5. Intrigue with a personal touch  

 Most important of all, subtle beauty comes from each homeowner’s unique vision. It’s the personalized pieces that take DIY remodels to beautifully detailed. For our final tip, keep in mind that less is *definitely* more.  

 Layers of collected elements on floating shelves, like family mementos, decorative accessories and textiles, give a standout look that’s uniquely yours. If you’re more of a minimalist, make your mark with an upgraded faucet in a modern finish, shape and/or configuration for a high-end look. Unexpected hardware and lighting offers a more haute couture accessory. No matter your design, be sure to keep your personality intact.  

 In summary, remember to keep it simple when it comes to kitchen design for timeless sophistication with a perfectly understated aesthetic. If you’re about to start a new kitchen remodel, check out our Instagram page, @sinkology to see some of our favorite subtly beautiful kitchens. Once complete, share your stunning kitchen solutions in the comments below.  

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