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DIY Chalkboard Wall and Fall Decor

Sep 2017


Sinkology is proud to present Megan Wilson, a home decor expert, DIYer, and mom as a guest blogger. Megan runs the blog at Life on Shady Lane and she is here to share some design ideas and inspiration around designing your home with copper and around your copper sink.

When we first moved into our home, I was about a month away from delivering our now-toddler, Henry, and we were really focused on getting the house functional for life with a brand new baby. Luckily, most of the work that needed to be done was cosmetic. We did things like refinish the hardwood floors, move in furniture, paint the walls, hang curtains, remove an old shower door… you get the picture.

We were so busy, and there were a few walls and spaces in the house that we weren’t quite sure what to do with. So we ended up just throwing some random rugs down and hanging old art up that we didn’t quite love, but it got the job done. It made the house feel like our home – something that’s so important when bringing a new baby home, in my book!

There’s a good-sized blank wall in our kitchen that ended up with a big coffee bag hanging on it. The coffee bag was cool, but it was just a little…out of place. I didn’t love it. Here’s a super glamorous shot of the wall that includes our dog dishes and trash can. #reallife 😉

So while brainstorming ways to make the wall pretty, fun, and functional, I came up with the idea of painting a big chalkboard on the wall. Henry is getting to the age where he likes to draw and color, so I’m hoping a giant chalkboard will keep him from coloring on the walls. Right?! 😉

I’ve been really into copper lately – we are putting a copper tub and sink from Sinkology into our upstairs bathroom, and I’m also incorporating it into my Fall décor. So, I wanted to somehow include copper into the chalkboard wall. What I ended up with is pretty cool, I think, so I’m excited to show you guys!

Creating the chalkboard was really simple: I basically just painted a big rectangle on the wall! I measured in three inches from each side (top, sides, bottom) and used a level and pencil to draw out straight lines. Then, I used a small foam roller to apply black chalkboard paint. I used Valspar’s version, but any kind would be fine!

As far as the planters, I found some really inexpensive little galvanized metal buckets at Hobby Lobby ($2 each!) and spray painted them with metallic copper paint. Just an FYI: if you are going to do this project and you choose to use the same paint I did…it was SUPER drippy! Like, I’m talking the messiest spray paint I have ever used. So be forewarned: maybe wear some gloves and cover the surface you’re painting on really well. I walked around the rest of the day with copper paint on my hands AND it dripped onto our glass patio table top. Oops.

You can find the paint here.


Once everything was dry, I got a little crazy and suspended a stick from the ceiling with some simple hooks and clear jewelry string (similar to fishing line). Then, I used that same type of string to hang the pots (with faux lambs ear in them – so good for early Fall!) from the stick.

I’m sure my husband thought I was insane when I told  him my plan for the stick and the pots, but I just blamed it on being pregnant and nesting. That works, right?

You can see how I created these hanging pendant lights.

What are your thoughts on this chalkboard wall with hanging copper planters? Would you try it out in your own home?

I actually have additional plans for this space that may or may not include a coffee bar and some faux brick…but we have a baby due in just over two weeks and I’m trying to reign in the crazy just a bit. 😉 I’ll wait on those projects for now, but I really love how the chalkboard wall turned out!

PS: Stay tuned for my Fall tour – I will be sharing that on Monday!


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