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DIY String-Wrap Votives

Aug 2018

DIY String-Wrap Votives

We’re about halfway through summer and I finally started switching things up on our back patio with a new table and chairs…cue the happy dance!  We hosted dinner with friends the other night and I was looking for a fun way to dress up my new table.  I had a bunch of clear glass votives, but they were looking a little blah.  So I came up with a super easy DIY that I thought I’d share with you all.  String-wrap votives!  I’ve seen various iterations of this on Pinterest – it’s such an easy project that can be done with a variety of different materials on a variety of different things like votive holders, vases, wine bottles, etc.  Check it out below!

-Assemble Your Supplies
You literally need three things to complete this project: glass votives, a hot glue gun and some sort of string. I used two different types of string: baker’s twine that has a metallic thread woven through it (who doesn’t love a pop of metallic?) and twisted sisal rope, which you can get at any hardware store.

-Decide on a Pattern
You should have an idea of how you want to wrap your string around the votive holder. Because the sisal rope is pretty thick, I chose to wrap that in rows halfway up larger votive holders. The baker’s twine is much finer, so I did random criss-crossing up and down half of standard-sized votives. Then, to make a bigger statement, I added a braided section at the bottom of each of these smaller votives.

-Start Wrapping and Gluing
Put a small dot of hot glue at your starting point on the votive. Anchor one end of your string and wait a few seconds for the glue to set. From there, start wrapping in your desired pattern. For the rows of sisal rope, I worked in sections around the votive, putting a small section of glue down and adhering the rope. Wait a few seconds for each section to set so the rope doesn’t pull away from the votive. When you’re finished, anchor the loose end with another glue dot. I made sure to start and end in the same place so you have a designated “back side” of the votive…just in case the loose ends don’t match up exactly.

  Add a Candle and Enjoy! Once the glue is completely dry, add a candle to your votive.  If these are going outdoors, consider citronella votives like these ones, which will help to keep bugs at bay.  Add these to a tabletop or shelf and you’re done!  I added these to my outdoor tabletop for an instant style upgrade.  I love the texture and coastal feel of the sisal rope with the gray-wash table!   This is a simple DIY that only takes a few minutes to jazz up dollar store candle holders or anything else you think needs a little something.  Happy crafting! finished design

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