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Five Farmhouse Favorites

Mar 2021

Classic farmhouse design is the quintessential look of homey comfort, complete with elements that are reminiscent of pure country living. We at Sinkology love a good farmhouse kitchen, but we believe there’s no better place to incorporate a farmhouse feel than in the room that provides for the most comfort of all: the bathroom.

We can all appreciate the rustic-chic, soothing surroundings of farmhouse style. But if you’ve been dreaming of redoing your existing bathroom, you might be wondering, “how can I create a farmhouse bathroom of my own?” It’s safe to say we all love the look of a farmhouse bathroom, but only when it’s done right. When it comes to this style, it’s easy to go from timeless to tacky, so stick with our five farmhouse tips when updating your bathroom.


Use Fittingly Farmhouse Materials

Texture will be your best friend as you create your farmhouse-inspired bathroom. When you just read “texture,” chances are you pictured natural wood. And, you’re right. This is a perfect place to start. Whether white-washed or distressed, natural wood makes for a truly farmhouse feel. From reclaimed wood countertops to wooden towel hooks, you can go big or small with wooden elements. Shiplap walls are easily the most standout decorative statement of all in a farmhouse bathroom. If you love the look of shiplap but aren’t looking for that big of a commitment, look for peel-and-stick wallpaper that gives the same look for less work. Trust us on this one, this vinyl alternative will look surprisingly realistic and will withstand everyday bathroom humidity.

Aged wood may have first come to mind, but it doesn’t stop there. We recommend mixing a variety of materials to balance the old with the new for a modern farmhouse look, rather than a run-down room.  Bring in crisp whites of many forms throughout. One of our favorite white complements is timeless subway tiles. When used together with wooden accents, you’ll be left with a beautifully clean, perfectly cozy look. For an equally farmhouse feel with way less work, upgrade your fabrics. Stick with delicate lace and airy linen for everything from towels to curtains.

Bathroom wood gtexture


Incorporate Comforting Colors

Our favorite farmhouse materials naturally bring in beautiful bathroom color, but there’s more to farmhouse style than natural brown and clean white. Sure, they make a fantastic base, but you can add your own personal style in farmhouse-friendly shades. Think sweet yellows and soft blues or sturdy matte black and vintage brass.

Dark bathroom tones


Let the Vanity take Center Stage

Your bathroom vanity is the perfect place to take subtle farmhouse touches to a full design makeover. We love a combination of wood-beam open shelving or shaker-style cabinets and a quality copper sink, especially when paired with an up-cycled reclaimed wood mirror. There’s also something so charming about an ornate vintage mirror over pedestal sinks in half-baths.


Install Homey Hardware

Once all the materials and colors are in place, it’s time to add in the final touches. Let’s start with hardware. Keep in mind, farmhouse bathrooms don’t need ornate hardware. In fact, we tend to believe the simpler, the better. Classic bin pulls and knobs add just enough of a functional finishing touch without looking overdone. Like we mentioned in our other tips, matte black and vintage brass will amplify this design style, but you can also play around with mis-matched vintage drawer pulls or white handles to make this upgrade your own.

bathroom knob


Make Meaningful Accents

With a perfectly farmhouse foundation set, you can complete your bathroom refresh with authentically farmhouse accents. Fresh or silk flowers in mason jars, lettered art, and jarred toiletries will create the comfort of home for every bathroom visitor.

bathroom accessories

What are your favorite farmhouse bathroom elements? Share with us on Instagram @Sinkology. We’d love to see your spin on this timeless design.


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