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Interview with an Interior Stylist

Apr 2016

At Sinkology, we are inspired by so many people who are doing amazing things with interior design. Kirsten Grove, who runs Simply Grove, is one of those stylists who inspires us everyday. We had a chance to ask Kirsten a few questions about her career as an interior stylist, what inspires her, and how she likes to incorporate copper into her spaces.

Please give us all a short bio on yourself.

Interior Stylist, Kirsten Grove, has always had a passion for interior design… well, at least since she was 9 years old and was given free reign at decorating her bedroom.  Back then, she chose an eclectic palette of rainbows, polka dots, and stripes. Today, Kirsten uses Simply Grove as a creative outlet for all things aesthetically beautiful. Started in 2008 as a way to show off eye-catching design and decor from all over the world, Simply Grove has become a hang-out for like-minded creatives with a love of interiors and an appetite for design eye-candy. Kirsten has styled and designed for clients all over the world. Some of her favorite projects include residential in Seattle, Manhattan, and Denver, as well as a commercial in Boise and many more residential consultations online all over the states.

portrait of interior stylist kirsten grove

Don’t be surprised if you have seen Kirsten’s creative writing (as a contributor) on, Better Homes and Gardens and Caesarstone, to name just a few. Or featured in publications and sites such as Inside Out Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Real Living Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Gray Magazine, Elle,, Pottery Barn,, Apartment Therapy and Design* Sponge.  Kirsten was included as Domino’s Best Design Blogs for 2016 as well as named Saveur’s 2015 Editors Choice for Home Style and Design Blogs. She was also one of Better Homes and Gardens top 10 best decorating blogs. She has been a speaker at Alt Summit 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 as well as other conferences around the states. Kirsten has collaborated with major companies such as GMC, Benjamin Moore, Target, Nissan, eBay, Sherwin Williams, Pottery Barn and Lowes.

In the upcoming months, you’ll see more content from Kirsten through her collaborative projects around copper sinks, bathtubs, and more with Sinkology.

How did you get started designing houses?

I have always loved design! Specifically interior styling. When I was young, I would rearrange my mom’s living space over and over again. I started designing my own bedroom when I was 9 years old! It’s been a forever passion for me. When I got married, I was young and unexperienced. I got a job with a local builder, helping him pick out materials for new construction. From there, I picked up more decorating jobs. I also would help family members with their homes, which gave me lots of practice. In 2007, I started my blog. The blog is what opened a plethora of doors for me to style, design, and decorate both locally and nationally.

bathroom sink with light wood cabinets, white subway tiles, dark floor tiles

What do you look for when choosing a house? Does the look come first, or are you inspired by the spaces you find?

Good bones and structure is very important to me. I also look for natural light and the ability to knock down walls to create large living and entertaining spaces.

Where else do you look for inspiration on design?

Pinterest is an obvious source for inspiration. Traveling is important because it opens up your mind to new and fresh ideas. My favorite look right now is a mix of Palm Springs and Danish design. 

living room interior design, sofa, coffee table, end table

When you have a certain aesthetic in mind, like copper, how do you go about choosing a space?

For a specific look, like copper, I choose a space that I can design around that element. For a stand-out material, I go clean and neutral around it. Every space can have a stand out item that the room can be designed around… especially if you are choosing a copper sink or a copper bathtub. 

Right now, you’re currently looking for a home that will be home to one of our copper tubs. What does that process look like?

The house that we found for our (maybe) forever home has a small bathroom with a walk in closet. We will most likely knock down the wall separating the two and create a large master bath. As long as there is a wall that can be removed, you can enlarge and change almost any space! After we knock down the wall, we will then reconfigure the space to fit the copper bath tub perfectly. We are, essentially, designing that bathroom around that specific copper tub.

bedroom with dark walls, brass lights, gray bedspread

Once you’ve landed the house, what are you first steps in remodeling a space?

Paint, paint, and paint. I need white walls to work with! After that will be a whole lot of ripping carpet out and ripping cabinets out. I am already tired thinking about it! No, not really. We love it!

When you have one item like the copper soaking tub or copper sink, how do you go about remodeling a space around that item?

You have to go neutral around copper! So the spaces will have a lot of white, black and charcoal grey. Also, it’s totally ok to mix metals. Just because I will have a copper sink or copper tub, does not mean that everything else has to be copper.

girl's bedroom with 2 beds, white walls, floral bedspreads

What types of copper trends in interior styling and design are you seeing right now?

Well, other than copper sinks, copper lighting is super trendy right now! Also copper accessories, such as candle holders and trays are accessible just about anywhere. 

What is your advice to people who want to incorporate copper into their spaces?

If you are unsure about adding copper, start small. A powder bathroom would be a great place to start. From there, go big! Making a statement with copper is so, so worth it!

Keep your eyes out for a future collaborative project that Sinkology and Kirsten are planning, where we find a home for one of Sinkology’s beautiful copper bathtubs. You can also follow Kirsten on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for more of her inspiring stylings.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink or copper tub, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact Sinkology or follow Sinkology on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.