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Introducing Vitreous China

Apr 2019

When you picture a bathroom sink, what first comes to mind?

Did you think of a smooth porcelain sink with a glossy white finish? You’re not alone if you did. It’s a familiar site in new homes and old, businesses and offices. But, you might be surprised to learn that the “porcelain” you might have pictured is more than likely vitreous china.  

Actually, I’m sure you have used vitreous china relatively regularly. It’s commonly used on toilets and bathtubs as an alternative to timeless, delicate porcelain. And the way I see it, if it can withstand that regular wear-and-tear, it’s the perfect material for my busy bathroom sink.

“Vitreous” literally means “glass-like,” but the coating itself is anything but shatter-prone. This specific type of enamel coating is applied to ceramics after they’ve been fired. The end result is a tougher, denser, and shinier finish.

My favorite three things about vitreous china? Simple.

It’s Durable.

If you want the look of your sleek sink to last, vitreous china is the way to go. Glass and porcelain sinks may offer a similar shine and seamless design, but neither can measure up to the durability of vitreous china. And, believe it or not, even with the additional strength it provides, vitreous china is often cheaper than glass and porcelain sinks.

Though seemingly fragile, vitreous china is resistant to everyday life. The protective finish prevents bumps from everyday drops, discoloration from spills and set-in soap scum, and anything else a toddler or teenager might throw at it. Vitreous china is so durable it’s often used in commercial spaces, which, arguably, gets the most traffic of all. If it can handle busy business traffic, it can certainly put up with your family’s everyday use. 

It’s Low-Maintenance.

Its smooth, naturally stain-resistant qualities help vitreous china sinks stand the test of time. The high-shine surface stays that way with a simple swipe of a soapy cloth. This is ideal for those who are looking for beautiful design but don’t want to commit to “needier” finishes, such as copper and cast iron. Perfect for busy singles or families with little ones, you can have the look of luxury without the extra effort it requires.

 Vitreous china’s resilient nature makes life easier for homeowners before the faucet is even installed. How so? Materials such as cast iron offer a gorgeous, high-end look, but are incredibly heavy. Professionals are needed to assist with installation, which only adds to overall renovation costs. Sometimes even the countertops must be adjusted to accommodate the extra weight…cha-ching! This is never a problem for vitreous china. In fact, both the undermount and drop-in variations by Sinkology are easy enough for even the most novice of DIY-ers.

It’s Timeless.

Though stainless steel and nickel are equally resilient against stains, dents, and scratches, neither can rival the classic high-gloss finish of vitreous china. It’s subtle enough for everyday use and has for many years. You’ll love the how this traditional sink brings lasting beauty to any bathroom.

Do you already have a vitreous china sink in your home or office bathroom? It not, it may be time for an upgrade.


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