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Kid’s Bathroom 101

Jun 2019

Kids’ bathrooms should be durable enough to withstand their daily hurricane-like destruction. Most bathrooms aren’t completely kid-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you have to forsake quality design. No matter if you have to share your bathroom with your little ones or are redesigning a bathroom of their very own, a few simple changes can make bathroom time easier for the kids…and you! 

Let’s start with the spot that will get the most wear and tear: the sink and vanity. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. With the right material, you can find a high-quality, budget-friendly sink and vanity that will last well beyond the day you become an empty nester. It’s all about picking the right material.

So which is best?

Most parents say they love the durability of vitreous china and nickel sinks most of all.

Vitreous China

Though seemingly delicate, vitreous china is resistant to everyday life. The protective finish prevents bumps from everyday drops, discoloration from spills and set-in soap scum, and anything else a toddler or teenager might throw at it. Vitreous china is so durable it’s often used in commercial spaces, which, arguably, gets the most traffic of all. If it can handle busy business traffic, it can certainly put up with your family’s everyday use. You can easily upgrade your kids’ current sink with our DIY-friendly Rene drop-in sink.

Hammered Nickel

With a look of luxury and forgiving finish, a hammered nickel sink easily fits into contemporary and traditional designs alike and is sure to withstand the test of time. The textured shine gives your kids’ bathroom an eye-catching centerpiece, even with superhero toothbrushes surrounding. Parents rave about the beautiful, maintenance-free finish of the Dalton bathroom sink.

Whether dropped in or mounted beneath, we recommend quartz or laminate countertops. Both are non-porous and impact resistant, so they’ll withstand stains and premature damage from rough everyday use.

With durable materials, you can trust your kids as they learn bathroom independence. But, there’s sure to be a learning curve as they adjust to this newfound autonomy. Standard heights of everything from light switches to counters can make it challenging for the littlest ones to do on their own (and time-consuming for you).

How many times have you been called upon to turn on the lights, grab toilet paper, or reach the soap?

Too many times to count? Then it’s time to modify.

With a few adjustments, your bathroom can bring everything to them, so you don’t have to. Whether you lower the height of your hooks or store a stool beneath the sink, keep everything in reach so kids can take on every task on their own.

And I mean everything. With a bathroom fit for them, your kids are sure to have pride in their bathroom. Encourage them to take pride in their space:

  • Ask them to wipe the sink and countertop with a soapy cloth as part of their weekly chores.
  • Adhere mesh or wire bins to the bathtub wall to conveniently store bath toys (and help them dry faster).
  • Add color-coded baskets to help each child clean up after themselves.

Letting your little ones master bathroom breaks on their own might sound like a scary thing. But it doesn’t have to be. Let them find independence safely with a few additions:

  • Anti-slip stickers on the bathtub for secure footing as they splash.
  • Skid-resistant rugs in vibrant colors of their choice.
  • Plastic everything – soap dishes, toothbrush holders, etc. Leave the glass in your master bathroom.
  • An empty medicine cabinet. The packaging may claim to be childproof, but leave it out of kids’ reach.

We’d love to see the changes you make in your kids’ bathroom. Tag @sinkology on Instagram with #KidsBathroom101 to show what you learned in today’s introductory course.


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