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Top 5 Ways to add Pops of Color to your Bathroom

Jun 2019

We at Sinkology have loved the monochromatic, neutral trend for bathrooms for some time. But this year, we’re seeing more than just black and white.

And it’s beautiful.

When done properly, color can set the right tone for your bathroom experience. If you need an exhilarating wake-up to help you get ready for your work day, bring in yellows, corals, and orange. For a calming, spa-like feel, opt for blues, lavenders, and greens.

No matter what vibe you’re trying to create, keep in mind that less is always more. Avoid covering the entire room in saturated tile and instead draw visual intrigue to a colorful focal point in one of these 5 ways:

  • Vanity

As the centerpiece to your bathroom, your vanity is the perfect place to bring in a new shade. Colorful base cabinets work best on large vanities with plenty of cabinet space or shelving. For smaller spaces, colored countertops can bring in just the right amount of color without overwhelming. We recommend keeping the upper cabinets neutral or in a lighter shade of your chosen color for a balanced look.

  • Flooring

If you aren’t ready to part with your current vanity, change up your flooring. Today’s trends are flooded with both intricate designs and an array of single-shade tiles. Whether with a Moroccan flair or vintage charm, we’re seeing everything from vibrant greens to deep black and rich red to cool blue. If covering the entire floor with color is a bit too much for you to commit to, create a faux rug in front of your vanity. A few rows of colored tile won’t provide much cushion, but it will be beautiful, which brings us to #3.

  • Fabrics

If you want to update your flooring but aren’t prepared to make such a permanent change, colorful rugs are the way to go. A range of textures, from hand-woven wools to high-tech synthetics, brings a sense of comfort with color. Pair your rugs with matching curtains or towels for a cohesive look.

  • Décor

It’s a common misconception that smaller-sized bathrooms should be void of any décor. But that couldn’t be more wrong. Your bathroom deserves décor like any other room in your home. Similar shades of candles, baskets, and display shelves can create consistent pops of color. But be selective to pull everything together without overdoing it. Short on shelving or counter space? Wall art is a great way to add color without taking up vital space. Just be sure to choose a water resistant material or frame for protection against moisture that comes with your bathroom.

  • Greenery

For a naturally colorful upgrade, bring in fresh houseplants. Health professionals recommend placing as many plants as possible in the rooms you use the most. As one of the most highly trafficked rooms in a home, your bathroom is the perfect place to add greenery. Houseplants decrease indoor air pollution by naturally removing excess moisture and bacteria in bathrooms and increases oxygen levels. Look for humidity-loving plants to fit your space, like Boston Fern, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, and Bamboo. If you’re looking for a maintenance-free alternative, you’re in luck! Though they lack the health benefits, artificial flowers and plants look more lifelike than ever – and keep their vibrant color.

How will you bring in a pop of color to your bathroom? We’d love to see! Tag us on Instagram @sinkology for a chance to be featured on our page!


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