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New Year’s Remodel Resolution: 5 Design trends for 2018 from

Dec 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The last of the holidays are upon us. With so many reasons (and ways) to celebrate, at Sinkology we think setting a New Years resolution should be on everyone’s list. What better way to start 2018 than with a New Year Remodeling Resolution! To help get you thinking about how you’ll want to improve your home next year, we’ve compiled a list of what’s going to be big, what’s hot, and what’s new in home décor and design for 2018.

1. Rich in Color.

In 2018, bright colors in the kitchen and rich colors throughout the home will be big. Beige? Out. Gray? You can stay but get ready to play nice with pops of color everywhere. From bedroom to kitchen, rich vibrant color accents and tones will be the trend. The richer, the bolder, the better. Moments of brighter colors in the kitchen can re-invent things without a remodel. Adding smart color choices throughout the rest of your house will make your furniture and décor stand out. We’ll talk about the most popular color trend for 2018 later on in this post.

2. Sinks with Character.

Sorry stainless steel, 2018 will be a year for new beginnings when it comes to sinks. Natural materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite will be the hottest installations coming to a kitchen or bathroom near you. The reason? Sinks in warmer and richer tones with an unexpected, organic finish are becoming more and more popular in every corner of the U.S.

3. Year of the Wallflower.

Floral prints and patterns are back in the good graces of home décor aficionados everywhere. But these aren’t your Aunt Matilda’s sunflower drapes from the guest bedroom of your youth; the floral prints of 2018 are as contemporary as they are classic featuring big blooms in contrasting colors. Check out this creative removable floral wallpaper we found at Swag Paper (photo).

4. Throwback Lighting.

Vintage accents have been a trending topic of the modern décor conversation for the last 10 years in the hospitality industry. However, in 2018 we’ll see residential homeowners follow this theme toward vintage-style fixtures. These lighting choices will make for a bold design aesthetic in the kitchen, living room, and even the patio and porch.

5. Prepare for Purple.

Drumroll, please. The Pantone 2018 Color of the year has been announced: prepare for purple! That’s right, Pantone announces PANTONE 18-3838 as its annual color for 2018. For those of us that are not prone to carry a swatch book with us at all times, we can casually refer to this as Ultra Violet. And we feel this vibrant and majestic shade of purple is aptly named. Designers, bloggers, and decorating trend-setters everywhere have already set the tone with innovative ways to make Ultra Violet a household staple from wall to wall, in every room.

We hope these design trends will help get you on the right path to your New Years Resolution Remodel for 2018. Check back in soon for more ideas, tips, and conversation-starters. 2018 is already looking better at your house!


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