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Sink Dreams Do Come True

Apr 2019

Our friend Sue is an interior stylist in So Cal. She recently added a copper sink to her kitchen. Follow along with her @wool_and_vine on Instagram

Hi, I’m Sue and I live in Southern California in a town called Temecula. It’s about an hour north of San Diego. Many people do not know where Temecula is but it is nicknamed Wine Country and it’s a very beautiful place to live. My family has lived here for 14 years. Our home is a place that I love to be‚ÄĒin fact, I prefer to stay home many nights instead of going out! Are you like that? A homebody too? 

There is no place like being home and I love my home. Our home is a work in progress I like to say I am always working on something, whether it’s a DIY project or just rearranging my current view. I like change. We just recently did a kitchen renovation and I am loving everything! 

When we decided to remodel our kitchen, I never thought the kitchen sink was that big of a deal . . . until I got one that changed my life! I had always wanted an apron front/farmhouse sink that I had seen in so many pictures on Pinterest. I wanted to be able to have a sink that I could fill with flowers so that I could take my own beautiful pictures! You know those pictures!? They get you every time!

I loved the pictures that people were posting on Instagram, so many of them wereSinkology. We started to look around and research more about Sinkology. They had wonderful reviews and that really meant a lot to us as we were learning about where to get our sink‚ÄĒreviews are everything. I had seen many beautiful sinks on their site, but the copper farmhouse sink caught my eye right away. The hammered texture, the brilliant sheen, the copper hues. GORGEOUS. Sinkology really did it right with their copper line….they are AMAZING!

My Review
There are so many amazing parts of this sink I want to cover! I’ll be reviewing the sink’s¬†function,¬†durability,¬†upkeep, and¬†design¬†in this blogpost.¬†

First off, my sink is the LANGE FARMHOUSE APRON COPPER SINK and it was an all-in-one-kit consisting of the sink, the Pfister Faucet, disposal flange, and the CareIQ Kit for cleaning. These kits and sinks can be purchased from Home Depot and they are affordable without compromising quality and that is important. 

When I received this sink in the mail, I could not wait to pull it out and lay my eyes on it! It did not disappoint! I honestly could not keep my eyes off of it.  I had seen them online for so long that finally having it in my home was like a dream come true! The copper was so bright and beautiful it exceeded my expectations! 

When the workers installed this sink, I was a little worried about how this sink was going to function and would it work in our kitchen I mean, I knew it was beautiful but was it functional? I was worried about upkeep and would my sink keep the shine? All of these things went through my head. 

It has been about 5 weeks since the installation and this sink works wonderfully! It is a quality product. We were able to hook up our garbage disposal with no problems. It’s has plenty of room to do what needs to be done like dirty dishes. This is the first time I have had one huge sink and not a double sink and I LOVE it!  It’s like going from a queen bed to a king bed! Such a drastic difference for me having the one sink!

So not only does it make my kitchen beautiful, it also functions quite well for our family. I still can’t believe it’s mine. It’s a joy to do the dishes! I am not even joking either!

I know I have only had this sink for several weeks now, but I plan on it lasting a lifetime! In fact, Sinkology backs their products with a lifetime warranty which is comforting. 

We have treated this sink special because it’s unique and when you have something that is special, you want to treat it differently so that it will last forever.

Taking care of my sink is important to me because I want to keep this sink nice and bright. The finish on the copper sink will naturally age and change with time. I think that’s part of the beauty of copper.

It’s not hard to keep this sink clean‚ÄĒin fact, it’s been easier than I anticipated! Sinkology has a product that shines this sink up very nicely and it’s called Sinkology CareIQ which is a cleaning and care solution specifically created for copper surfaces. It’s easy to apply and only takes a few minutes and it shines the sink up nicely. I also clean the sink out a couple of times a week which is no different from my other sink. A mild dish soap and some warm water and a little light scrubbing is all it takes to clean it. We do dry it out with a microfiber cloth after each use because we don’t want any water spots on it. It only takes a few seconds to do this and it has kept the sink in beautiful condition. 

You can also get a sink rack/grid so that dishes can sit on the rack instead of the sink to prevent any permanent marks to the sink. Unlike other sinks, copper sinks develop their own natural protection through its ever-changing surface or patina. Drying the sink out, using the sink rack, and cleaning it regularly with a mild soap will help to preserve the sink’s shine and natural beauty.

Since we have had this gorgeous sink, we have not left any dishes in it because it’s too beautiful! We had a stainless steel sink before this copper beauty, and the dishes just sat there in the sink waiting for someone to come along and put them into the dishwasher. There is something about the hammered copper that makes you want to leave nothing in it like those dirty dishes! My sink has stayed cleaner and tidier and is always ready to welcome bunches of flowers!

No matter what style of home you may have whether it be a farmhouse, modern, traditional, boho, etc., why not try a sink that is unique? I always thought I would go with a white traditional farmhouse sink. That was the safe choice. Before I pulled the trigger on this sink, I did a poll on Instagram asking which sink I should choose for my kitchen renovation, a white farmhouse style or this hammered copper apron front sink. The white farmhouse sink won by just a little and the comments that people were making were leaning towards the white sink. I was a little worried with the copper sink because I have off-white cabinets and I was replacing my orange granite with a white quartz. It was a little more risky to go with the copper for that reason.

We eventually decided to go with the copper and it has really made a statement in my kitchen. The safe choice isn’t always the best choice is my point to all of this. A white farmhouse sink would have looked great in my kitchen but the hammered copper apron front sink looks AMAZING! 

After reviewing the categories and enjoying this sink for over a month, I give this 5 out of 5 stars, and not just because it’s beautiful. 

I have my dream sink and my flowers to go in it! This sink is a WINNER! My kitchen is completed and I am so happy!

Is a copper sink right for your kitchen? I would highly recommend it! It really is a timeless piece that stands out in any kitchen and is really the star of the show in my opinion. A real showstopper! You can’t go wrong with a copper sink.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.