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Sinkology and Pfister Partner to Bring You Design Kits

May 2016

At Sinkology, we get a lot of questions about copper sinks. Because they are so unique in their bold and beautiful appearance, a lot of customers ask us how best to design their room around the copper sink. One of the biggest questions is: what kind of faucet should I buy to match the copper sink?

With something like stainless, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to matching your sink with your faucet and appliances because they are so wide-spread. But with copper, it’s a much more unique approach to kitchen and bath design because they are so distinct. On the whole, the faucet industry has standardized polished nickel and brushed nickel finishes to pair well with a stainless sink, but they have yet to standardize a “copper” or “bronze” faucet finish. Because nearly every faucet manufacturer has their own variation on the bronze finish (e.g., oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze, rustic bronze, family with rivera undermount double bowl copper sink and faucetetc.), our customers are often left wondering: which is the right finish that will go perfectly with my copper sink?

Our Criteria for the Perfect Faucet

We have been scouring and testing faucets for a few years in order to find the perfect match for our copper kitchen and bath sinks. Our criteria for the perfect faucet came down to finish, quality, design, and value to our customer. We ended our search with the perfect partner in Pfister Faucets, who manufacture the ideal Rustic Bronze faucets in their Ashfield line, which met all of our criteria. The perfect combination of finish, quality, design, and value, these faucets are already widely popular nationwide and come from a tried-and-true, big-name manufacturer that we trust. Pfister is one of the largest, most respected, and most recognized faucet manufacturers in the world; so, we knew we could trust them to bring the same quality and value that we stand by here at Sinkology.

  • Finish
    • The finish had to, not only, match the copper colors of our sinks, but it needed to complement the copper and help certain things pop. For example, the Rustic Bronze finish of the Pfister faucet has highlights and lowlights blending warm browns and coppers with a slightly distressed look, just like our sinks, giving a seamless transition between the faucet and the copper sink.
    • The Rustic Bronze finish is hand-distressed and a difficult finish to perfect. A copper sink is very unique, and a faucet that complements it should also be unique. Because the Rustic Bronze is such a unique finish, it’s a perfect partner to a copper sink.
    • We offer many finishes on our sinks, but this Rustic Bronze faucet is matched perfectly with our Antique Copper and Aged Copper finishes.
  • Quality
    • If the faucet wasn’t quality, there’s no way we would recommend it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Sinkology. We wanted to make sure the faucets that we recommend are top-notch in terms of functionality and longevity.
    • These Pfister faucets also offer a Pforever seal: a ceramic disk valve technology that carries a “never leak” guarantee.
    • At Sinkology, we offer a lifetime warranty, and Pfister offers their Pfister Pforever Warranty that covers finish and function for life. To us, it was important that we partner with a group that stands by their product, just like we do.
  • Design
    • We looked for the most beautiful faucets that we could find, not just at the finish. The pfister faucets included in sinkology copper sink design kits rustic bronze finishusability, ergonomics, and overall beauty of a faucet was among the criteria for a perfectly designed faucet.
    • The features of the Pfister faucets we selected vary from model to model (depending on bathroom vs. kitchen sinks), but they all offer beautiful design, easy-to-use handles, and each has its own advanced features, like a 360 degree swivel or waterfall spouts.
  • Value
    • A faucet with the perfect finish, quality, and design could be expensive. At Sinkology, we pride ourselves on being able to provide superior products at the lowest possible cost. We expected the same thing out a faucet partner.
    • While the price may be higher than a standard stainless faucet, the value that a customer gets from a lifetime warranty, a “never leak” guarantee, the advanced features, and absolute beauty of these faucets make Pfister faucets perfect for pairing with the value of your Sinkology copper sink.

Sinkology Design Kits: The Solution to the Faucet Matching Challenge

In order to bring our customers the most value and help them choose the perfect faucet, Sinkology is introducing pre-designed kits that pair your sink with our recommended faucet and drain finishes.

Our Sinkology Design Kits, now available online exclusively at, take the work out of choosing the perfect faucet for your Sinkology copper sink. We hand-selected some of our most popular and best-selling vessel, drop-in, undermount, and farmhouse kitchen and bathroom copper sinks to pair up with a selection of Pfister’’s uncompromised style and quality faucets for your home. The Design Kits were created to help simplify the process of buying a copper sink, and to offer value to our customers. When you buy a Sinkology Design Kit, you save more money than you would buying each item individually. These kits give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to coordinate, install, and accessorize your kitchen or bath.

Whether you’’re creating your new dream kitchen with our popular Adams farmhouse sink or your installed angelico copper drop-in sink with white countertop and rustic bronze pfister faucetdream bathroom getaway with a creative model like the Bardeen bathroom vessel sinkthe Sinkology and Pfister Design Kits have all you need to get started with your installation. With a Sinkology drop-in copper sink Design Kit, you could also plan a weekend DIY project to replace your old stainless sink with a drop-in Angelico or Raphael copper kitchen sink, or do a quick-and-easy DIY job with the Seville bathroom drop-in copper sinkDepending on which copper sink you select, the Design Kits contain different elements hand-picked to complement that specific model.

Beyond the perfect sink and faucet, the Design Kits also include the matching drain for your sink. Some of our Design Kits come packaged with a Pfister drain, but some of our sinks do not have an overflow that will work with the Pfister drain. For this reason, we have included a Sinkology non-overflow drain for those select models.

Additionally, all of our Sinkology Design Kits come with a Sinkology Copper Armor Kit. Copper Armor is designed to help protect your sink and slow the natural aging and patina process. While all copper sinks will patina with time, Copper Armor will help protect your sink from minor spotting and bring a beautiful shine to the copper.

For select kitchen sinks, the Kits also includes our bottom grid, to help keep your sink extra clean, Rockwell-gridlifestyle-lowresprevent scratches, and protect your dishes from accidental drops. These grids are color-matched to look great in the bottom of your copper bowl without taking away from the striking impact your sink will make in your kitchen or bathroom. They are made in the USA, by hand, from heavy-gauge steel and covered in a vinyl coating. Sinkology bottom grids are dishwasher safe and will help your sink drain properly when you just don’t have time to get to that stack of dishes.

Below, we have provided an overview of a few our Design Kit copper sink options and the items that are included in each. Our full line of Design Kits are available exclusively at



Copper Kitchen Sink Design Kits:

sinkology adams apron front sink with pfister faucet and accessories

Adams Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Design Kit

  • Sinkology Adams Copper Kitchen Farmhouse Sink
  • Pfister Ashfield Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Rustic Bronze
  • Sinkology Basket Strainer Drain in Copper Finish
  • Sinkology Wright Kitchen Sink Bottom Grid
  • Sinkology Copper Armor Kit (2 bottles and polishing cloth)

 angelico copper sink drop-in design kit with faucet and drain

Angelico Copper Drop-In Kitchen Sink Design Kit

  • Sinkology Angelico Copper Kitchen Drop-In Sink
  • Pfister Ashfield Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Rustic Bronze
  • Sinkology ISE Disposal Flange in Copper Finish
  • Sinkology Rohe Kitchen Sink Bottom Grid
  • Sinkology Copper Armor Kit (2 bottles and polishing cloth)

Copper Bathroom Sink Design Kits:

bardeen bathroom copper vessel sink with drain and faucet

Bardeen Bathroom Copper Vessel Sink Design Kit

  • Sinkology Bardeen Copper Vessel Sink
  • Pfister Single-Handed Vessel Faucet in Rustic Bronze
  • Decorative Antique Copper Grid Drain
  • Sinkology Copper Armor Kit (2 bottles and polishing cloth)

 seville design kit with drop-in copper bathroom sink and faucet

Seville Drop-In Bathroom Copper Sink Design Kit

  • Sinkology Seville Copper Drop-In Sink
  • Pfister Single-Control Centerset Bathroom Faucet in Rustic Bronze with Drain
  • Sinkology Copper Armor Kit (2 bottles and polishing cloth)

For more inspiration on your new kitchen or bathroom space, check out our Blog and follow us on Facebook, HouzzTwitter, Pinterest, or Instagram for our series Designing with the Sink in Mind: how to design your space around your new Sinkology copper sink. For more questions on our copper sinks, make sure to check out our FAQs or contact us with your questions.Right now, we are offering the Design Kits on select sinks, but we are rolling out a plan that will pair sinkology ganku farmhouse copper kitchen sink with pfister faucet and accessoriesall of our sinks in an easy-to-install combo. We will be rolling out new collections of Design Kits throughout the year, so keep your eyes open or let us know if you are looking for Design Kit for a specific Sinkology copper sink.