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collage of pumpkins in sink

The Best Kitchen Sink I’ve Ever Owned: 6 Weeks Later

Nov 2018

We are proud to introduce Brendt from She Gave It A Go. She recently installed The Bradford ll All-in-One Farmhouse Fireclay 30 inch Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Pfister Black Faucet and Disposal Drain. Here is her review after living with the Bradstreet ll Farmhouse Sink for 6 weeks.

If you all have been following along with our kitchen makeover, you may know that we painted our cabinets (DIY on these can be found here and here) and transformed an eating nook into a sitting area. We also replaced our stainless steel, small sink with this beautiful white farmhouse sink! I had dreamed of having a farmhouse sink for some time now and this Sinkology all-in-one set made this dream come true!



From the looks of the before, it needed some updating, don’t you agree? Our previous sink was not aesthetically pleasing, plus it was small leaving little room to wash dishes after feeding a family of six. Plus, it was not in line with the farmhouse decor makeover we wanted to give our kitchen. So, now that we have had our Sinkology Farmhouse sink and Pfister faucet for 6 weeks, I am excited to share with you why it continues to be the best kitchen sink I’ve ever owned.

-Aesthetic Appeal
This sink is lovely! I often have people comment on my Instagram post about the detail and lines on it. It truly is a statement piece, whereas our previous sink was more of an eyesore. It's clean lines and shape make for a simple, yet eye-catching focal point in our kitchen now.

This 30" Farmhouse Fireclay sink can hold so much! And to show you how much it can hold, I filled it with these beautiful, seasonal pumpkins. It was simple to wash these big fruits with the tall faucet, as well as the removable spray attachment to get them nice and clean. Same goes when filling up my watering can. Instead of having to tilt it, it just sits nicely in the bottom of the sink and I have plenty of room to fill it. The large size and simple shape make for ease of use, and is a dramatic difference from our old, smaller, divided sink. Best of all is how much more fun it is to wash dishes! It can hold a lot and it allows for much simpler washing of pans, pots, and cookie sheets.

Although we are not looking to move any time soon, we do know that this sink will help add value to our home. Thus, it is more than just an aesthetic and functional update but overall, we've increased the value of our home by doing a kitchen makeover.

If you have been considering replacing your current sink with a farmhouse style sink, I hope this post helped you with your decision. I could not be more satisfied with this part of our kitchen makeover, and the aesthetic appeal and functionality of this Sinkology Farmhouse all-in-one sink.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas