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Top 5 Kitchen Sink Trends

Nov 2018



In most homes, the kitchen sink is used solely for cleaning. And as one of the most used spots in the home, it can accumulate a bit of grime. You’d never think that the kitchen sink could act as more than a washtub. But, our favorite lifestyle bloggers prove the kitchen sink can also act as a beautiful design focal point…even if it’s just for a quick pic on the ‘gram.  


Here’s our Top 5 Sink Décor Trends:  


5. Succulents

Potted succulents provide an intriguing visual juxtaposition of dry soil against wet stone. A small grouping or solo prominent succulent fit perfectly in both single and double bowl sinks. The individual pots are easily moved, so don’t worry, the kids can still do their chores.  


Function Fact: Plants like aloe vera and jade are naturally toxic to dogs. Your kitchen sink acts as a fantastic barrier between your pups and succulents. Speaking of… 

4. Puppies

Okay, *technically* it isn’t décor, but we love seeing the added touch of playfulness to the dirty dish hub. A range of small- to medium-sized breeds are seen in their very own sink sanctuary across countless blogs, giving us a glimpse into our favorite bloggers’ personality.  


Function Fact: Your dog may easily fit in the kitchen sink to be washed (or simply photographed), but fair warning: the surrounding area is not safe from water flinging from fur. Have some spare towels on the ready.  

3. Babies

Our #3 pick was an easy one. Again, we aren’t advising using living things as décor…it’s just that, admittedly, anything with a baby is instantly better. Most of all, we love seeing babies in basins on our Instagram feed. Maybe we’re just drawn to it because we all know bath time isn’t *ever* this picture-perfect…Are anyone’s kids actually this happy about bath time? (Asking for a friend.) 


Function Fact: Don’t worry about deep cleaning before placing your precious little one in the sink. A simple rinse will do. Only pre-wash the basin with soapy water if you were just working with higher-risk things like raw chicken.  


2. Champagne

For the more festive, a group of wine and/or champagne bottles transforms a kitchen sink from laborious to luxurious. At parties, we seem to spend the most time in the kitchen, making this serving style more convenient than an ice bucket with far less clean up.  


Function Fact: To keep your favorite bottles within convenient reach at parties without damaging the sink, fill a glass dish with ice before setting onto your sink’s bottom grid.  


1. Flowers

Our most favorite trend is fresh flowers cascading over the rim of a kitchen sink. Fresh flowers beautify the look of any space, but this design style brings the sink to life, creating the illusion of growing directly from the sink.  From a bundle of wispy wildflowers to a bouquet of luscious peonies, we love how they liven up a usually empty space.  

Function Fact: Dunk fresh flower blooms in cold water to preserve their beauty, then place in a water-filled vase to help the fresh floral décor last longer without losing the effortless effect.   

Each of our five favorite trends highlights the beauty of our Sinkology sinks. Follow @sinkology on Instagram to stay up-to-date with our favorite sink design trends with a fantastic filter. 


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