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The Hobbes: Designing with the Sink in Mind

Sep 2015

At Sinkology, we are always thinking about designing kitchen and bathrooms around the sink. To us, the sink is the most important design element of the room because it is usually the most used area in any kitchen or bathroom – and the first noticed by visitors. For that reason, we have come up with some design tips, styles, and inspiration to help you design with the sink in mind.

091415_Sinkology_Hobbes Design Kit_v2

Let’s take a look at one of our brand new, gorgeous, hammered nickel sinks, the Hobbes (1). The Hobbes is a bathroom vessel sink launching in mid-October 2015. This unique vessel sink is bound to be the centerpiece of your newly designed bathroom with its sleek design and beautiful shine. A vessel sink is a great way to make an immediate statement in your bathroom – it’s bold, eye-catching, sleek, and modern. Nickel, as a material, goes with nearly everything and feels at home with almost any look or style – from modern city loft to suburban chic. The style we’ve chosen is a bit vintage bohemian. With the vintage inspired gray cabinets, adding cool pastels for your base wall colors and strong patterns for your accents, this bathroom is sure to be a soothing and relaxing getaway sanctuary.

Starting with the vessel sink and designing outward, the countertops are going to be important because a vessel allows for more of the space to be shown. This white and gray marble countertop adds a mix of contemporary and classic, and provides a canvas that really helps the reflective nickel sink pop. This brushed nickel Danze faucet (2) gives a sleek, minimalist look without making the space busy. Installing all of this on weathered gray cabinets gives the sink space a perfect vintage feel (3). Cabinets can be tricky things to match, but luckily retailers make it easy these days with cabinet samples that you can order online from major home improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowes.

Spreading the nickel out into the room, you can add brushed nickel hardware to your cabinets, as well as your towel and curtain rods. Using brushed nickel hardware and faucets will complement the shine of the vessel sink while still maintaining it as the focal point of the room. To bring in more of a vintage feel, we chose a white marble tile that can be used for either flooring or as a creative backsplash wall. The crisp white provides a great foundation for adding color while offsetting the shine from your nickel sink.

As for wall colors, we went for a subtler, pastel feel. Bringing in strong bohemian patterns calls for a more subdued wall canvas, so we chose the lightest colors from our chosen fabric to help make the fabric pop, but still create a calming space. Depending on how much light is in your bathroom space, choosing a gray or a yellow can make a dramatic difference to your room. Choose gray for a room with lots of light, where yellow or a soft teal blue would be more appropriate for a space with little natural light. Add those pops of color and patterns with towels and curtains, and your bathroom space is set. This overall design creates a unique, inviting, and relaxing sanctuary space for any home.

Check back with Sinkology in mid-October when the Hobbes sink is available for purchase for our retail partners.

Our team will be bringing more styles and design inspirations for more of our unique and handmade sinks. For more ideas on how to style your rooms around your nickel or copper sinks, check out our Pinterest page.

If you have any additional questions during your search, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, HouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.