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Vessel Sinks Forever

Dec 2020


To vessel, or not to vessel…that seems to be the most highly contested question that’s on every bathroom renovator’s mind. Some say vessel sinks are the only way to go, while others avoid them at all cost. As for those of us at Sinkology, the answer is clear: the vessel sink is here to stay. Today, we’ll share three of our favorite features that only vessel sinks can provide.


Vessel Sinks Bring Artistry to the Ordinary

We love how a vessel sink sits atop the countertop or ever so slightly recessed, creating a functional piece of art that you can’t help but admire. From clean-lined contemporary styles to classic, elegantly curved shapes, vessel sinks’ structure can be suited for all types of bathroom design styles.


With this sort of installation, vessel sinks have more surface area in view, which provides the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite material, like hammered nickel or natural copper, in a variety of intriguing shapes. No undermount or drop-in sink can bring the same beauty to a bathroom space.


Not only do vessel sinks double the visible surface area of the basin, they also clear up coveted countertop space. This is especially helpful in small powder rooms or shared bathrooms where space is limited.


Vessel Sinks are the Original Sink Style

Of course, we understand that not everyone may be drawn to vessel sink’s shape at first sight. It’s anything but ordinary, which can be off-putting for some. But just because vessel sinks aren’t typical doesn’t mean they’re a short-lived trend only suited for some. In fact, no one can deny they’ve withstood the test of time. Our second favorite feature of vessel sinks is their classic beauty.


Think about it: a vessel sink is the original bathroom sink shape. Back in a time when fully recessed sinks weren’t even a possibility, vessel sinks helped our ancestors wash up with ease. Now, this isn’t to say that vessel sinks are ancient history. Quite the contrary. Today, we have beautiful modern variations that act as a true statement piece in the bathroom. Many say that vessel sinks should stay in decades past, but we at Sinkology love the nostalgic nod to the original wash basin.


Vessel Sinks Go with the Flow  

This benefit may seem obvious at first glance. There’s something so beautiful about water flowing from a faucet into a vessel sink, especially when it’s wall-mounted. In addition to everyday, easygoing flow they provide, vessel sinks can be easily swapped out to suit your style.


Since vessel sinks sit on top of the counter, any novice installer can get the job done easily. This allows you to transform your bathroom from traditional to modern, classic to bold, whenever you’d like. Whether you swap your sink seasonally or just when you’re looking for a simple refresh, the easy-to-install quality is perfect for those looking for an improvement without having to make a total bathroom renovation.


This isn’t to say you’ll have to replace your sink every so often. After all, Sinkology sinks are made with only the finest, sturdiest materials that create a statement that truly stays. We just love having the option to easily upgrade without having to call in the professionals.


No matter if you love them or could do without them, vessel sinks make an impact. Shop our complete line of vessel sinks here.



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