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Granite vs. Granite Composite

Sep 2018

When it comes to a kitchen sink, you want one that has a look you love and that will last. From your kids’ bad habit of cup tossing to your spouse’s endless piling, your sink must put up with what you throw at it every day. And even if you’re the only one that actually cares about its aesthetic, your sink needs to withstand daily wear from the entire family.

You know granite countertops are a smart investment as a top selection for their strength and beauty. But what about granite sinks?

Granite is naturally created from molten rock deep within the earth. Like granite countertops, granite sinks provide soft beauty with superior strength.

There are two types of granite sinks: Natural Granite & Granite Composite. No matter if it’s natural or artificially formed, a granite sink is durable, long lasting and hardwearing. But there are a few differences between the two.

Each piece of natural granite has its own one-of-a-kind look, based on its naturally formed blend of minerals. The varying blends come with natural beauty and flaws, with varying thickness and shade. The mineral irregularity impacts the strength of natural granite. Though high in quality and durability, it’s prone to damage as well as stains without a proper annual seal, especially if acids, coloring agents or oils are involved. Failure to properly seal will result in a gradual breakdown of the stone. But extra sealing means extra work and expense for you on top of the cost of the sink itself, which is typically quite expensive. Pure granite sinks are some of the most expensive available.

Composite granite, on the other hand, is manufactured with 95% natural stone and 5% resin. Like natural granite, each piece of this manufactured material has its own blend of natural stone crystals, which are heated and molded into a solid surface. Engineered stone is ideal for creating consistent design and even, balanced strength. In fact, composite granite is harder and heavier than its natural counterpart, though exponentially less expensive. And, it will maintain its look and strength well, thanks to its non-porous, stain-resistant nature.

So which is better? Each material has some promising attributes:


  • Resists to heat
  • Has a unique design in every piece
  • Is resistant to scratching and stains when properly sealed

While granite composite…

  • Also resists heat
  • Comes with countless design options that can be made uniform with a range of matte color options
  • Is resistant to scratching, stains, acids, chipping and water spots, when cleaned properly
  • Provides the look and durability of natural stone at a fraction of the price 

But the drawbacks of natural granite overshadow its positives.


  • Is very heavy, which leads to additional installation costs and a need for extra support systems
  • Is more prone to chipping
  • Has non-porous material that requires annual sealing and proper care

While granite composite…

  • May require extra support for installation
  • Requires simple routine maintenance 

With more Pros and fewer Cons, we at Sinkology recommend granite composite as the
premier choice for everyday use. In fact, its ranked as the most popular form of granite kitchen
sinks available. Why?

  • It’s luxurious, but no so high-maintenance that it needs a yearly seal
  • It’s strong enough, but not so strong that it will shatter a glass when it’s tossed in the basin
  • It’s easy to maintain with no preventative maintenance required to keep the sink functioning flawlessly, only simple, chemical-free cleaning is needed.
  • It’s a high-end investment without the hefty price tag of a 100% pure granite sink

Granite composite sinks are an ideal long-term investment with a reasonable price tag. You’re
guaranteed years of resilient use with maintained beauty. Our JOURNEY Collection features a specialized granite composite material that combines the natural beauty of granite stone with
the reinforcement of acrylic resin for enhanced durability with a smooth surface with a flawless matte finish available in Canvas White, Matte Black, and Graphite.

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