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The Most Luxurious Bathtubs

Jun 2021


Copper bathtubs are a rare – and beautiful – sight in the bathroom. They are the epitome of luxury, providing unparalleled beauty and high-end comfort unlike any other tub material. But that doesn’t mean that a copper bathtub isn’t fit for you or your bathroom. Trust us on this one, after reading today’s post, we’re sure you’ll see that a copper bathtub is an attainable necessity in every bathroom. At first glance, it’s easy to see that they are special. But what is it about copper bathtubs that set them above all the others? Copper bathtubs bring:

copper bathtub with claw feet

Undeniable Extravagance

In traditional, modern, and antique bathrooms alike, a copper bathtub adds attractive opulence. From the elegant shapes to the rich color, it is simply superior. You’ll find that a copper bathtub pairs well with almost any type of décor you might already have in your bathroom – from a crisp white fireclay sink to matte black hardware. This standout style is a long-term investment that you’ll reap the rewards from for years to come. In fact, a copper bathtub will continue to look better and better over time. Copper has a living finish that evolves with every use. Known as a patina, this coating is naturally protective against corrosion. That means you won’t have to put up with rust or weakening strength. When you have a copper bathtub, you’ll enjoy a subtle shift from light to dark with every passing day. Talk about aging gracefully.


A More Indulgent Experience

Of course, your bathtub is more than just an accessory. For some, it’s a restorative daily ritual. If a bath is a part of your regular relaxation routine, you’ve probably put up with tepid water temperatures shortly after settling in. You won’t have to with a copper bathtub. They heat faster and stay hot longer. Plus, their traditionally deeper designs allow you to settle into even more relaxing waters.

bath tub tray with candle

Added Therapeutic Relief

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a bath lover, which means you already know the soothing, healing benefits that come with a warm bath. Typically, the benefits will stop at the soothing water temperature and calming bath salts and soaps you add in a standard bathtub. But a copper tub brings even more benefits, just from the material’s natural qualities. Copper provides naturally therapeutic relief joints, connective tissue, digestive system, and more. Known to reduce inflammation, copper will be extra beneficial for those suffering from conditions including rheumatism, arthritis, and osteoporosis as well as countless gastrointestinal disorders. By direct contact with the skin, your body will absorb this vital trace mineral, allowing you to replenish and relax with the help of the tub alone. 

Close up of a copper bathtub

The Cleanest Clean

You might love the tub as a relaxing retreat, but traditionally, it was the only way to get clean. When it comes to a copper bathtub, you can be confident that you’ll get a bath time ritual that is equally comforting and cleansing. Copper is naturally resistant against bacteria and mold, meaning standard buildup won’t stand a chance. Other bathtub surfaces will hold onto bacteria for days. Copper, on the other hand, eliminates bacteria in only a few hours. Copper is so naturally cleansing that it is actually registered as an antimicrobial with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With that being said, some care is required to keep your bathtub in tip-top shape. We highly recommend you avoid using abrasive chemicals. Instead, simply clear out any debris – such as soap or bath salts – from your bathtub and wipe down with a soft cloth after every use. Don’t skip this step, especially if you live in hard water areas. Occasionally, it can be beneficial to wash with some mild soap, especially if you’re a regular bather. Aside from simple cleanup, we make it easy for you to protect the copper and boost the tub’s shine with the help of the Sinkology Copper Armor.

With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that copper bathtubs are synonymous with bathroom luxury. Shop our complete selection of copper bathtubs, from classic clawfoot to sets complete with faucet and drain on our website.



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