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The Wheatley Fireclay: Designing with the Sink in Mind

Feb 2017

Beautiful New Products, Same Satisfaction and Value

At Sinkology, there are so many things that are important to us when it comes to our products: quality, durability, value, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and more. Copper sinks deliver on all of these criteria, and now we are offering even more options that provide the same value to our customers as our copper sinks.

In addition to our selection of copper farmhouse sinks, Sinkology now offers beautiful fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks. Just like our copper farmhouse sinks, the new fireclay sinks are meticulously handmade by our team of skilled artisans, designed to be the best possible quality at the best possible price, and offer a lifetime warranty.

Sinkology has launched 4 apron front designs on 2 different fireclay farmhouse sinks (with reversible fronts) that are available exclusively at the Home Depot. For more information on these sinks, check them out here:

New Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Why Fireclay?

Fireclay is a mixture of clay and glaze that is fired at extremely high temperatures (1600-2200 degrees). It is extremely durable, heat-resistant, chip-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Fireclay sinks are also extremely easy to care for and maintain. The material also looks very similar to enameled cast iron sinks, but definitely has the edge over cast iron. For example, with a cast iron sink, you cannot use any abrasive cleaners and the enamel is prone to scratching; but, fireclay is much more resistant to cleaners and scratches. It’s true that both are heavy, but Sinkology fireclay sinks (~100 lbs.) weigh nearly 30% less than our competitors’ cast iron sinks (~140 lbs.). Also, when cast iron chips, the color of the cast iron will show through; but, IF fireclay chips, the chip is must less conspicuous.

Because of all these benefits, fireclay is the clear front runner. But the best part is the value. While fireclay outmatches enameled cast iron in quality, durability, and more; it also outmatches it in price. With Sinkology, our fireclay farmhouse sinks come in at about 2/3 of the cost of most cast iron farmhouse sinks.

The Wheatley: The Perfect Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

When designing a kitchen space, Sinkology believes the sink should be the central focal point of the room. That’s where you spend most of your time: washing your hands, washing fruits and vegetables, doing dishes, etc. So, this central and highly used element should be perfect for you. Whether you want functionality or you want to make a statement, you should always pick your kitchen sink first and design outwards from there.

For this kitchen design, we are featuring the Wheatley in a contemporary suburban setting. The Wheatley is a new fireclay farmhouse sink from Sinkology. It features a reversible apron front, so you can choose to install the ledge design or the fluted design. The ledge design features a smooth front with a small ledge towards the top of the farmhouse sink apron, while the fluted design features numerous vertical flutes across the front of the apron.


For this kitchen design, we selected the ledge front in a suburban setting. Farmhouse sinks, or farmer’s sinks, are extremely versatile and shouldn’t be reserved just for a traditional “farmhouse” or “country” look. In the right kitchen, a farmhouse sink can fit in perfectly; whether it’s a modern loft or a rustic cottage. We went a little more contemporary with this look because the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report stated that many people are looking for contemporary or farmhouse kitchens, and a farmhouse sink can be the perfect marriage of those two styles.

To achieve this look, first start with black and white in mind. Think black and white flooring, white backsplashes, black countertops, white cabinets, dark hardware and drawer pulls, etc. A black countertop atop white cabinets will make a farmhouse sink like this one really stand out and be the center of attention.

When considering paint, we chose various shades of blue that could work for this kitchen design. Whether that be a few smaller items, such as bowls and dishes, or larger scale, such as painting the kitchen cabinets or an accent wall. Use lighter blues to keep the space more open and light. Lighter shades of blue are said to slow respiration and heart rate which is why it is considered very calming and serene. This will help make you feel more at ease after a long, hard day of work and also be more inviting to your guests on the weekends.

Use darker blue to add a little bit of drama while still keeping your kitchen looking elegant. Blue also pairs well with a variety of other colors; so, if you are a plant lover, you can add some extra life to the space by bringing in some greens. We used the round jute placemats to bring in more of a natural element and bring some texture into the space – you can also achieve this by using rough spun fabrics in your towels and other linens.

Copper also adds a bit of glamour to complement the simplicity and minimalism of the fireclay farmhouse sink. Copper mugs, copper ice buckets, and copper shot glasses are perfect pops of shiny brilliance in a black and white kitchen space. Sinkology recently launched a line of these copper barware products that feature superior quality, no lining (solid copper), and offer an incredible value. Check them out here.

As for your faucet, we’ve selected this beautiful oil-rubbed bronze, single-handle pulldown kitchen faucet from Pfister. This faucet meets our criteria of a balance of finish, quality, design, and value. To learn more about our partnership with Pfister and why we chose to pair our sinks with them, read this blog post.

Accessorize Your Space

Many people prefer to have a separate prep sink in their kitchen where they keep their food separated from their dirty dishes. For this, we’ve selected the Sisley Chef Series copper prep sink from Sinkology. This beautiful copper sink fits in perfectly with this space that features black and white with copper accents throughout. From the copper mugs and copper barware to the oil-rubbed bronze Pfister faucet, the copper prep sink falls perfectly into place within the design. The copper sink can also be used as a bar sink. For a full listing of our bar and prep sinks, check out this link.

Sinkology has also recently rolled out a collection of sponges called the Breeze Non-Scratch Scrubber. While fireclay is resistant to scratches, these sponges are perfect for scrubbing your pots and pans or your copper prep sink without worrying about scratching them. These lightly lavender-scented sponges are made from 100% silicone, so they dry fast and are resistant to odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. They come in packages of 1, 3, or 6.

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