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Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug – 2 Mug Set

Model #SHB01-MSC-2

Sinkology copper mugs provide the ideal chill needed to keep your cocktail cool. The conductive nature of copper will help to keep your ice from diluting your cocktail and will hit your lips with a cool chill every time you take a sip. Be sure to hold the drink by the polished copper mug's handle that doesn’t transfer body heat so that your Moscow Mule or other cocktail won’t prematurely warm. The cold temperature also helps to maintain the carbonation of ginger beer, ales, and other carbonated beverages, keeping supreme fizziness from first sip to last.

Some experts even say that the copper mug enhances the flavor and aroma of the Moscow Mule and other drinks. It is thought that, when the vodka touches the copper wall, the copper begins to oxidize enhancing both the taste and the aroma of the drink. But arguably, we think the best excuse for using a copper mug is for the experience. When it comes to parties, presentation is key. In 1941, when the Moscow Mule was beginning to become popular in the U.S., the originators had copper mugs specifically designed for the drink. It's the classic look for a classic American cocktail. Plus, it looks great next to your copper kitchen sink or copper bar sink.

  • 18-gauge
  • Set comes with 2 mugs
  • 4.875” high, 3.5 inch diameter
  • 20 fl. oz. capacity solid copper mug that weighs 0.8 lbs
  • The perfect barware to complement your copper bar sink
  • Handmade from pure, solid copper – handcrafted at our workshop by our team of skilled coppersmiths
  • Solid copper mug has no inner lining – direct copper contact to your liquor or garnish creates a unique, classic taste
  • Copper is a great conductor and helps keep your drink cold longer – helping to maintain fizziness of carbonated beverages
  • Copper mugs help keep ice from diluting your cocktail
  • Copper handle designed to not transfer body heat from your hand
  • Copper will age naturally and form a rich patina that gives each mug a unique look
  • Hand wash only, food safe, not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Protected by our Sinkology Everyday Promise Lifetime Warranty
  • As always, please drink responsibly