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Quick-Fit Kitchen Sink Installation 101

Nov 2022

Many homeowners today want the best of both worlds: everyday convenience and a lasting premium look. If you dream of a high-end look but can’t imagine spending much time on a complete kitchen renovation project, Sinkology Quick-Fit Fireclay Kitchen Sinks are for you.

The Sinkology ELEVATE Collection of Quick-Fit Fireclay Kitchen Sinks was created to give our customers the satisfaction of a simpler kitchen upgrade with the elegance of apron-front style. Each fireclay farmhouse sink in the collection was designed to fit effortlessly into any kitchen, making them ideal for those who are both short on time and long for an impressive upgrade. With Sinkology Quick-Fit Fireclay Kitchen Sinks, you don’t need to redo the entire kitchen, you can just trade out your existing sink with ease.

It might come as a surprise to you that fireclay sinks can be simple to install. After all, fireclay farmhouse sinks are typically heavy, given their incredible density, and require a lot of countertop and cabinet modifications to accommodate the apron-front style. But anyone can feel confident installing our Quick-Fit Sinks thanks to their thoughtful design.

In addition to the intelligent retrofit design imagined by our sinkologists that leads to a simpler process, we provide DIY-friendly, detailed instructions to help you replace your existing sink. Not only that, but we’ve also even partnered with the BILT Intelligent Instructions® app to create interactive, step-by-step installation support for your at-home installation project.

This combination makes our Quick-Fit Sinks ideal for the busiest homeowners. Sound like you? If so, you’ll need to take an important first step before you take on a Quick-Fit Sink installation project.

Find the right fit for your kitchen.

To make this project as easy as possible, you’ll want to find a sink that will fit in the space where your existing sink is. Otherwise, you’ll need to make time-consuming (and often tricky to complete) modifications to your kitchen, which completely eliminates the benefit of quick-fit sinks.

You’ll want to take both the basin width and depth into consideration and ensure there is adequate space for the apron front. For example, The Josephine 34” Quick-Fit Drop-In Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is recommended for 36-inch cabinets, while The Josephine 26” Quick-Fit Drop-In Farmhosue Fireclay Kitchen Sink fits best in 30-inch cabinets.

With this in mind, you can easily select the right sink for your space and transform your kitchen in just one weekend project. Below are five steps you can expect to take on in your quick-fit project:

1.You will need to be comfortable removing your existing sink.
2.You might need to remove the cabinet base to make space for where the sink will rest.
3.An extra set of hands may be helpful to maneuver the heavy fireclay into position.
4.You might need to sand the counters slightly for a perfectly snug fit.
5.Don’t forget, installing a sink drain and faucet are important finishing touches.

After making this fast, simple upgrade, you can get back to enjoying your kitchen. Once complete, share a photo of your new Quick-Fit Fireclay Kitchen Sink with us on social @Sinkology with #MyQuickFitSink.

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