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Bradstreet II All-In-One Fireclay Sink and Stellen Faucet (Satin Gold) Kit

Model #SK499-30-ABG

Sinkology’s Bradstreet II-Stellen All-in-One kit brings updated luxury to our bestselling Bradstreet II farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink. The Bradstreet II 30" sink is beloved for its beauty, durability, and handcrafted design. The Bradstreet II features deep walls, generous surface space, and a flat bottom surface for stacking dishes. This sink is handcrafted from solid SureFire material that is fired at 2100° degrees to lock in durability. The classic farmhouse design elevated with the Stellen faucet in gorgeous Satin Gold. The unexpected touch of luxury is a modern take on the classic farmhouse style, and it works in kitchens of all styles and designs. The single-handle faucet is easy to use. The pull down spray head has a single toggle for three different spray options. This kit is completed with a stainless steel bottom grid to protect the surface of your sink, a Sinkology basket strainer drain in stainless steel, a scrubber, and a Fireclay Care IQ cleaning supplies. All of Sinkology’s products come backed with the Everyday Promise lifetime guarantee that protect your products all day, every day, for life.

  • Dimensions: 30" x 18" x 10"
  • Bowl dimensions: 28" x 16" x 9"
  • Drain size: 3.5"
  • The Bradstreet II-Stellen All-in-One kit includes the Sinkology Bradstreet II farmhouse fireclay sink (#SK499-30FC), Pfister Stellen faucet in Satin Gold, Sinkology Wren bottom grid (#SG008-27ST), Sinkology basket strainer drain (#TB35-03), Sinkology Breeze Non-Scratch Scrubber (#SSCRUB-101), and Fireclay Care IQ Kit (#SARMOR-401).
  • The 30″ Bradstreet II is made with Sinkology’s signature SureFire fireclay material that is hand-selected for its durability, density, beauty, and functionality.
  • The Bradstreet II offers the signature look of an authentic farmhouse sink with generous space for filling pots, stacking dishes, cleaning, and preparing meals.
  • Designed for easier farmhouse installation with a level, flat bottom and 90° side walls.
  • Pfister’s Stellen faucet in stain gold is easy to use and adds a modern, sleek touch to the charm of the Bradstreet II farmhouse sink.
  • The Stellen’s pull-down spray head offers three distinct water settings that can be easily changed with a single hand.
  • The Sinkology Wren bottom grid (#SG008-27ST) is made with dishwasher-safe, 7-gauge stainless steel that is designed to keep food, standing water, and debris from sitting on the surface of your sink.
  • Stainless steel basket strainer drain (#TB35-03) included in kit
  • Fireclay Care IQ kit contains cleaning and maintenance products specifically for fireclay material
  • Non-scratch Breeze mildew-resistant scrubber made from patented Clean-Guard™ silicone; three-month no-odor warranty; proudly made in the USA (#SSCRUB-101)
  • All Sinkology products are backed by lifetime warranty: Sinkology Everyday Promise guarantee