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The Sinkology Kitchen Accessories Buying Guide

Mar 2022

We are kicking off our new Buying Guide series. Over the next few weeks, we’ll break down the top products that help you get the most out of your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Today, we’ll share the accessories your kitchen simply can’t do without.  

Though considered “extra” to some, we at Sinkology firmly believe that kitchen accessories are an absolute necessity. With the right tools, you can extend the life of your sink and enjoy every use.


Deck it out

Your kitchen sink is surely perfect on its own. But add-ons can make it all the more amazing.

You know and love your kitchen sink as a functional staple in your kitchen, but with a few accessories, it can support even more everyday kitchen tasks.

  • Look for rinse baskets or colanders that fit your sink’s dimensions for easier produce rinsing and ingredient straining.
  • Shop around for custom-sized cutting boards that take prep – and its accompanying mess – off the countertop.


The kitchen faucet is a preferred way to personalize the style and usability of the kitchen sink. We’ll have a separate buying guide dedicated to faucets, but there are additional pieces along with the faucet that can be installed to make the sink experience all the sweeter.

  • A soap dispenser frees your countertop from soap bottle clutter and your back from aches and pains that come with regular visits to your lower cabinet.
  • A sprayer helps you reach every corner of the sink for your regular rinse-down. More on that later.

kitchen cleaner organized

It’s clear how accessories like these bring so much to the kitchen sink, but sometimes the best extra’s aren’t even seen.

  • If you have a Type A personality, look for under-sink organizers that keep everything you need in order.
  • If you love peace and quiet, consider attaching sound-dampening pads to the bottom of your fireclay and stainless steel sinks to absorb excess noise.

Care for it

Accessorizing doesn’t stop with attachments. If you love your sink as much as we do, you know a little TLC is not a splurge but an absolute necessity. Like you, your sink needs specialized care. No, it doesn’t make it high maintenance. You just need to know what it needs.

Fireclay sinks, for example, are made to handle life’s biggest messes and daily uses. To keep it looking its best, it just needs a bit of routine cleaning. When choosing cleaning products, avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners and stick with soap and water. Rather than intense steel wool or metal-based cleaning pads, opt for a gentler scrubber that thoroughly cleans stubborn, stuck-on leftovers without scratching your sink’s smooth finish.

Copper sinks, on the other hand, get better with age, both in beauty and in strength, thanks to its naturally occurring patina. When caring for a copper sink, you’ll want to find a product that works with the patina, rather than against it. Look for products that add a layer of protection and boost the shine of the copper sink’s finish instead of stripping it away.

Stainless steel is a popular sink material, given its natural resistance against bacteria. Bottom sink grids make for a great addition to these high-shine, low-maintenance basins. Bottom grids provide a protective barrier between your dirty dishes and sink. Heat-resistant and incredibly durable, each can be personalized with extra accessories that make cleanups even easier.

No matter the material you have, look for accessories that make cleanup faster and easier. A convenient sponge holder that attaches directly to the bowl will keep everything in reach and prevent you from putting off this important step. 

Kitchen accessories make life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Now, explore some of our favorite kitchen accessories on our website.  


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or crafted stainless steel sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterestInstagram, or TikTok for more helpful tips and design ideas.