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Soak with Sinkology: Copper Bathtubs

A copper bathtub from Sinkology is a statement-making piece for any bathroom. Made from hand-hammered pure, solid copper, these beautiful freestanding bathtubs are centerpieces in your personal spa retreat. Practice a little self-care; take a bath and soak with Sinkology.

Slow Down and Soak

Self-care is so important to the quality of your overall daily life. With the run-and-gun busyness of the world today, it’s hard to remember to slow down and do something nice for the most important person in your life: you. Sinkology’s mission is to create products that help improve people’s daily lives, but only you can slow down and truly pamper yourself the way that you deserve. A bath is a perfect way to stop and give yourself some focus. Whether you use the time to meditate, listen to music, catch up on some reading, or simply zone out for a while, it can really help you slow down.

Sinkology loves baths and that’s why we are creating more and more bathtubs that will help people fall in love with their bathrooms, but more importantly, fall in love with themselves. Take a soak with Sinkology.

bathroom view of euclid copper bathtub
fully installed heisenberg claw foot copper bathtub

Copper Bathtubs for Immediate Impact

At Sinkology, we know the impact that a copper sink has in a kitchen or bathroom. It’s immediate and striking. From our breathtaking farmhouse apron front sinks to our vessel bathroom sinks, it’s hard to miss a copper sink in any room. As impactful as our copper sinks are, our copper bathtubs are even more eye-catching. These freestanding tubs make a statement in any bathroom and instantly add a high-end spa feel. Think about how often you see a freestanding clawfoot bathtub and how unique it is to see in modern homes – now imagine if that bathtub was copper. They are truly one in a million.



The Highest Quality

These freestanding, beautiful copper bathtubs and soaking tubs from Sinkology are roomy and comfortable. With smooth and clean designs, these rustic copper bathtubs quickly become the central focus of your bathroom. Our handcrafted bathtubs are made from the highest quality pure copper and add an instant high-end feel to your bathroom. With hand-hammered copper interiors and exteriors, these solid copper bathtubs are durable and striking. Clawfoot tub feet are hand cast with solid brass. They are easy to care for, easy to clean and maintain. That means our copper tubs will look new for years to come, with little upkeep. As with all Sinkology products, our copper bathtubs come with a lifetime warranty.