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Bathroom Sinks


Copper Bathroom Sinks

Drop-In Copper Sinks

Sinkology’s bathroom copper drop-in sinks are designed to fit perfectly and simply into pre-cut countertops.We design all of our drop-in bathroom sinks to be extremely easy to install; so that a fresh new bathroom is just a simple DIY project away. While this type of bathroom copper sink is the most conventional installation method, copper drop-in sinks from Sinkology are anything but. With elegant designs, a flush fit, and clear-cut directions, your new copper sink will quickly and easily become a point of envy in your bathroom retreat.

Undermount Copper Sinks

Sinkology copper bathroom undermount sinks are designed to easily mount under pre-cut countertops – it attaches to the granite from below. Edgeless and flexible, this mounting style offers easier cleaning and a larger work area without a rim extending over the countertop. An undermount rim also makes wiping down your countertop super easy, as you don’t have to worry about the lip of the bathroom sink.

Dual-Flex Rim

Some Sinkology copper sinks offer the Dual-Flex Rim which features a flat standard undermount rim with a slight curve at the end to allow for decorative and flexible drop-in installation. It’s your choice: undermount or drop-in. Sinkology makes sure these quality copper sinks look great either way.

Vessel Copper Sinks

A copper sink that is mounted directly atop a vanity or piece of furniture which is finished and decorated on all sides. Sinkology copper vessel sinks come with all mounting hardware and are easy to install. From rustic and cozy cottages to sleek city lofts, the wide variety of design options for this bathroom sink type will instantly transform your bath space into a spa-like retreat.